Hushai Deceive Absalom
Afta sometaim, Ahitofel tell Absalom, “Make I choose 12,000 men wey go-go find David dis nite. I go attack am wen e don taya and dey konfuse. E go fear and all en men go run, den I go kill only di king. I go bring all en men kon give yu like new wife wey dey go meet en husband. Na only one man yu won kill and all di rest pipol go dey save.” Absalom and all Israel leaders like di advise.
So Absalom sey, “Make una koll Hushai make wi hear wetin e won tok.” Wen Hushai kom, Absalom tell am, “Si di advise wey Ahitofel give us, make wi follow am? If yu nor gri, tell us wetin wi go do.”
Hushai ansa, “Di advise wey Ahitofel give yu dis time nor good. Yu know sey, David yor papa and en men strong well-well for fight, like bear for bush wey dey find en pikin. Yor papa na soja wey get sense and e nor dey stay with en men for nite. E fit hide for kage and oda place dis time. If David attack and win yor men, anybody wey go hear am go sey, dem don win una. 10 Den all di men wey dey strong like lion go dey fear, bikos evribody for Israel know sey yor papa na great soja and en men dey fight well-well.
11 “I dey advise yu sey make yu bring all Israel pipol togeda, even doh dem many like san for wotaside kon skata for evriwhere for di kountry. Make yu yorsef lead dem go di war. 12 Wi go find and attack David for anywhere wey e dey, before e go know wetin dey happen. Nobody among en and en men go survive. 13 If e enter any town, awa pipol go use rope pul di town fall for di valley. No stone go remain for di hill top.”
14 Absalom and Israel leaders kon sey, “Hushai advise betta pass Ahitofel own.” God don decide sey dem nor go follow Ahitofel good advise, so dat wahala go follow Absalom.
David Eskape
15 Den Hushai tell Zadok and Abiatar wey bi priest about di advise wey e give Israel leaders and di advise wey Ahitofel give dem. 16 Hushai still sey, “Make una kwik dey go naw kon tell David make e nor stay for where e dey dis nite for di desert, but make e cross Jordan River, so dat dem nor go kill en and en men.”
17 Abiatar pikin, Jonatan and Zadok pikin, Ahimaaz bin dey wait for En-Rogel wotaside wey dey for Jerusalem ending, bikos dem nor fit enter di town. One girl wey bi savant dey go tell dem wetin dey happen all di time and dem go-go tell David. 18 But one day, one boy si dem kon go tell Absalom, so dem kon go hide for one man house for Bahurim. Dem hide inside di well wey dey en kompond. 19 Di man wife kon use sometin kover di well, den spread rice put, so dat nobody go know wetin dey der.
20 Absalom ofisas kom di house kon ask di woman, “Where Ahimaaz and Jonatan?”
Di woman ansa, “Dem don cross di river.” Di men look for dem, but dem nor si dem. So, dem go back to Jerusalem.
21 Afta dem don komot, Jonatan and Ahimaaz kom out from di well go tell David wetin dey happen. Dem tell am wetin Ahitofel plan against am kon sey, “Oga, make wi kwik-kwik cross di river.” 22 So David and all en men bigin cross Jordan River before day break.
23 Wen Ahitofel si sey dem nor follow en advise, e enter en donkey go en own town. Wen e don setol all en matter, e kon hang ensef. Dem beri am for dia family grave.
24 For di time wey Absalom and Israel pipol cross Jordan River, David don already rish Mahanaim town. 25 Absalom sey make Amasa take Joab place as di sojas oga. Amasa na Itra pikin wey kom from Ishmael tribe and en mama name na Abigail, Nahash pikin. Zeruaya wey born Joab, na en sista bi Nahash. 26 Absalom and en men kamp for Gilead town.
27 Wen David rish Mahanaim, e si Shobi, Nahash pikin and dem kom from Rabbah town for Ammon. E still si Makir wey bi Ammiel pikin wey kom from Lo-Debar and Barzillai wey kom from Rogelim for Gilead. 28 Dem bring basin, pots and bed shit kom gi-am. Dem still bring food: wheat, barley, grain wey dem roast, beans, peas, honey, cheese, cream and some sheep kom give David and en men. 29 Dem know sey David and en men go dey hongry and wota don dey hongry dem since for di wildaness.