Dem Kill Absalom
David gada en men kon divide dem into tazon-tazon and hundred-hundred, den e put offisa make e dey kommand dem. E divide dem into three groups kon send dem out. Na Joab, Abishai wey bi Joab broda and Ittai wey kom from Gat, dey kommand each group. Di king tell en men, “I go follow una go.”
But dem ansa. “Yu nor go follow us, bikos e nor go mean anytin to di enemy if wi wey remain turn and run or even if dem kill half of us, but only yu bi like 10,000 of us. E go betta make yu stay here dey send help kom give us.”
Di king ansa, “Wetin una tink sey dey good pass, naim I go do.”
Den e stand near di gate as en men dey go. Hundred-hundred and tazon-tazon. E give Joab, Abishai and Ittai ordas sey, “Make una nor tosh Absalom bikos of mi.” And all di sojas hear wen David give en ofisas dis kommand.
David sojas go di kountry on-top di hill and dem fight Israel pipol for Efraim forest. David men defeat Israel pipol kon kill 20,000 men dat day. Di fight spread go di kountry side and di men wey die for di forest, plenty pass di ones wey dem kill for war.
At wons, Absalom si some of David men. So Absalom enter en horse dey run and as e dey pass under one big oak tree, di tree branches kon hook en head and e struggol till e die, bikos di horse run leave am.
10 One among David men si am kon go tell Joab sey, “Awa oga! I si Absalom hang for one oak tree!”
11 Joab ansa, “If yu si am, why yu nor kill-am for der? I for give yu ten pieces of silva with belt.”
12 But di man ansa, “Even if yu give mi one hundred pieces of silva, I nor go use my hand kill di king pikin. All of us hear wen di king dey kommand yu, Abishai and Ittai sey, ‘Bikos of mi, make una nor tosh or kill Absalom.’ 13 But if I nor obey di king kon kill Absalom, di king for hear am, bikos e dey hear evritin and yu nor for defend mi.”
14 Joab ansa, “I nor go waste time with yu again.” So e take three spear kon shuk Absalom for chest, even as e dey struggol for di tree wey e hang put. 15 Den ten of Joab sojas kon follow am kill Absalom.
16 Joab hear as dem blow di trumpet make di fight for stop and en sojas wey dey porshu Israel pipol kon kom back. 17 Dem karry Absalom body trowey for one deep pit for di forest kon use many stone kover am. So Israel pipol kon run go dia house.
18 Wen Absalom dey alive, e build one big house for di King Valley for ensef. Since e nor born boy pikin wey go ansa en name, e kon give di house en own name and till today, dem dey koll di house, “Absalom Monument.”
Dem Tell David About Absalom
19 Den Ahimaaz wey bi Zadok pikin kon tell Joab, “Make I run go tell David di good news sey God don save am from en enemies.”
20 Joab kon sey, “No! Yu nor go tell anybody good news today wey king pikin die, so make yu wait till anoda day.”
21 Den e tell en savant wey kom from Sudan, “Make yu go tell di king wetin yu si.” So di savant bow kon run go.
22 Ahimaaz still sey, “I nor dey fear wetin go happen, I go-go tok di news too.”
Joab ask am, “My pikin, wetin make yu won go tok? Dem nor go give yu any reward o-o.”
23 Ahimaaz ansa, “Anytin wey won happen, make e happen, I go-go tell am.”
Joab ansa, “Oya! Make yu go.” So Ahimaaz run from Jordan River Valley pass di savant for road.
24 David sidan for di space wey dey between di inside and outside gate for di town. Di guide stand on-top di roof wey dey di gate kon si only one man dey run kom. 25 E kom down kon tell di king and di king sey, “If na only en dey kom, e dey bring good news.” Di man still dey run kom.
26 Den di guide si anoda man dey run kom for di road and e koll di pesin wey dey keep di gate sey, “Si, anoda man dey run kom!”
Di king ansa, “Dis one still dey bring good news too.”
27 Di guide kon sey, “Di first man wey I dey si so, dey run like Ahimaaz.”
Di king ansa, “E bi good man and e dey bring good news kom.”
28 Ahimaaz greet di king kon bow for en front sey, “My king! Make yu praiz di Oga wey bi yor God, wey don give yu viktory ova yor enemies!”
29 Di king kon ask, “Wot of Absalom?”
Ahimaaz ansa, “Oga God! Wen Joab yor offisa send mi, I si big wahala, but I nor fit tok wetin e bi.”
30 Di king kon tell am, “Make yu stand for der!” So Ahimaaz go where e tell am.
31 Den di Sudan savant kom tell di king, “I get good news for my king! God don give yu viktory against all di pipol wey dey fight yu!”
32 Di king ask am too, “Absalom still dey life?”
Di savant ansa, “I wish sey wetin happen to am go happen to all yor enemies and all doz wey dey fight yu.”
33 Di king nor kon happy again. So e go di room wey dey di gate side kon bigin kry. As e dey go, e dey kry sey, “O-o! My pikin Absalom! Absalom my pikin, e for betta sey na mi die, instead of yu!”