Di Day Di Holy Spirit Kom Dan
Wen Pentekost Day rish, di disciples kon gada for one place. At wons, one kind nois wey bi like heavy breeze kom from heaven kon full di whole house where dem sidan. Dem kon si small-small fire wey bi like kandol lite dey fall kom from heaven on-top dia head, one-by-one. Den di Holy Spirit enter dia body and as di Spirit give dem pawa, dem kon start to tok for difren language.
Dat time, Jew and oda pipol dey stay for Jerusalem. Wen pipol hear di nois, dem sopraiz kon gada, bikos evribody dey hear di disciples dey tok with difren language, wey demsef dey tok for dia kountry. As di pipol dey sopraiz, dem kon dey ask each oda, “All dis pipol wey dey tok so, nor bi Galilee dem from kom? How e bi sey dem dey speak awa difren language? Wi wey kom from Partia, Medes, Elam, Mesopotamia, Judea, Kappadocia for Pontus and all di aria wey dey for Asia, 10 Frigia and Pamfilia, even di pipol from Egypt and di aria for Libya near Sirene, plus all di strenjas wey kom from Rome, 11 weda dem bi Jew or Gentile, wey dey serve God with dem, like pipol from Krete and Arabia, all of us dey hear, as dem dey use awa language praiz God!” 12 All of dem sopraiz and di tin konfuse dem well-well. So dem kon dey ask each oda wetin dis kind tin mean. 13 But some among dem dey laf di pipol wey dey speak di difren language kon dey sey, “Dis pipol don drink well-well!”
Pita Stand Up Tok
14 But Pita stand up with di eleven apostles kon shaut: “Judea pipol and una wey dey Jerusalem, make una put ear down for wetin I won tell una so. Make una know sey 15 dis men neva drink anytin as una tink, bikos na just nine oklok for morning and e too early to drink. 16 But Profet Joel sey:
17 “ ‘Wen di last day don rish,
God sey, “I go pour my Spirit inside evribody
and all una shidren, both boys and girls go dey profesai,
una yong men go dey si vishon
and una old men go dey dream plenty dreams.
18 For dat time, I go give my Spirit to all di pipol
wey dey serve mi and dem go dey profesai.
19 I go show plenty wonders for heaven
and many mirakles for dis world,
blood and fire go appear for inside di sky like smoke.
20 Di sun go black and di moon go red like blood,
before di big day wen God tok about, go rish.
21 For dat time, evribody wey koll God name,
God go save am.” ’
22 “Israel pipol, make una hear wetin I dey tok, Jesus Christ wey kom from Nazaret, di man wey God choose and wey e send to una, wey God use do many mirakles and oda wonderful signs for una front, as all of una know, 23 na Judas sell dis man give Jew pipol, bikos na so God plan am from biginnin. Una know sey una kill-am, wen una gi-am to di sojas make dem nail am for cross. 24 But God kon raiz am up afta E don gi-am pawa to win deat, bikos deat nor get pawa to hold am. 25 Dis na wetin David tok about sey,
“ ‘God always dey near mi
and bikos e dey for my rite hand,
I nor go fear anytin.
26 Bikos of dis, belle sweet mi
and my mout kon dey tok betta-betta tins
and I kon get hope sey tins go really good for mi,
27 bikos I know sey God nor go allow mi stay for grave
or make my body rotin for groun.
28 “True-true, yu don show mi di way
wey dey give life
and yu go make mi happy well-well
wen I dey for where yu dey.” ’
29 “My pipol, Nor bi true sey awa grand-grand papa, David don die since, dem beri am and en grave dey awa land till today? 30 Wi know sey en na profet, bikos God don promise am sey, naim pikin dem go always bi king for Israel. 31 Bikos of dis vishon wey David si, e kon sey, ‘Di Mezaya go get up from grave, bikos God nor go leave am der make en body rotin for groun.’ As all of us know, 32 God don raiz dis Jesus Christ up and evribody si am. 33 Bikos God don promote am make e dey en rite hand and e don receive di Holy Spirit wey en Papa promise and naw, e don pour di Holy Spirit for awa body, as una si am dey happen so. 34 Wi know sey David neva go heaven, but only en tok with en mout sey,
“ ‘God tell my oga sey,
“Sidan for my rite hand,
35 until I go make all yor enemies serve yu.” ’
36 So Israel pipol, make una know sey, God don turn dis Jesus Christ wey una kill, to bi Oga God and Mezaya.”
How Pipol Receive Wetin Pita Prish
37 Wen di pipol hear dis prishin, e trobol dem for mind well-well and dem kon ask Pita and di rest apostles, “Awa brodas, wetin wi go do naw?” 38 Pita ansa dem, “Make una turn from sin kom meet God one-by-one and make dem baptize una with Jesus Christ name, so dat God go forgive una, den una go fit receive di Holy Spirit. 39 Bikos dis promise na for una, all una pikin, pipol wey dey far place and all di pipol wey God go draw near ensef.” 40 As Pita dey tok to di pipol, e kon warn dem, “Make una save una head from di ponishment wey dey kom meet wiked pipol.” 41 So, dem baptize all of dem wey bilive wetin e prish and dem rish 3,000 pipol wey join dem dat day.
Di Early Bilivers Stay Togeda
42 Dem kon dey use all dia time dey learn wetin di apostles dey tish. Dem dey waka, help, chop and pray togeda. 43 Di apostles do many wonders and mirakles and bikos of dis, pipol kon dey respet and fear God. 44 All di pipol wey bilive, dey share dia propaty with one anoda and stay togeda. 45 Dem dey sell wetin dem get kon use di money dey help each oda. 46 Dem dey stay togeda evriday like one big family. Dem dey gada go di temple togeda and dem dey go from house to house, dey chop togeda with happiness. 47 Dem kon dey praiz God and dey fellowship with one anoda. So God kon dey add more pipol join dem evriday.