Acts na di sekond book wey Luke rite and na to Teofilus e rite di two books. Na where Luke gospel stop, na der Acts from bigin. Na di story about di Holy Spirit work wey start for Jerusalem, kon spread to oda parts of di world. Afta God send di Holy Spirit to di Church for Jerusalem (2:1-12), di disciple kon skata go difren place dey prish about God kingdom (7:1–8:40). Di main part for di book na about how God shange Paul and use am tell di story of en love to Gentile pipol, sotey di Roman Empire plus some aria for Asia, Europe and Africa kon hear about Jesus Christ. As di book dey end, dem kon put Paul for prison for Rome and dis gi-am di shance to prish give many big pipol until dem kon kill-am.
Jesus Go Heaven
My friend Teofilus, for di book wey I first rite give yu, I tok about all di tins wey Jesus Christ start to dey do and tish, until di day wen God kon karry am go heaven, afta e give orda to di apostles, wey e choose with di Holy Spirit. Na di same apostles e show ensef many time sey, e still dey alive afta di sofa wey e sofa. Dem si am for forty days and e tell dem about God kingdom. Den wen e follow dem sidan dey tok, e kon kommand dem sey, “Make una nor leave Jerusalem, but make una wait for di tin wey my Papa promise wey I don tell una before. John dey baptize with wota, but e nor go tey wen God go baptize una with en Holy Spirit (wey go kontrol una life forever).”
So wen dem gada, dem kon start to ask Jesus Christ, “Oga God! Na naw yu go start to rule Israel?” Jesus ansa dem, “Di time wey God plan nor koncern una, but una go get pawa wen di Holy Spirit don enter una life and una go tell pipol about mi for Jerusalem, for evriwhere for Judea and Samaria go rish all di far place wey dey dis world.” So afta e don tok with dem, God kon karry am up until kloud kover am and dem nor fit si am again. 10 As dem still dey look up as e dey go, two men wey wear white klot stand near dem 11 kon sey, “Galilee pipol, na wetin make una stand der dey look heaven like dat? Dis Jesus Christ wey God don karry go heaven today, go still kom back di same way wey una si am dey go heaven.”
New Pesin Take Judas Place
12 So dem go back to Jerusalem from Mount Olives (wey dey near Jerusalem and di place wey dem waka so, far pass how di law dey allow pipol waka for Sabat Day). 13 Wen dem enter Jerusalem, dem kon go di room for upstair where dem dey stay. Pita and John; James and Andru; Filip and Tomas; Bartolomew and Matiu; James wey bi Afaeus pikin, Simon wey dem dey koll Zealot and Judas wey bi James pikin, na all of dem gada for der. 14 Dem kon dey pray togeda evriday with one mind, with all di wimen, plus Mary, Jesus Christ mama and en brodas.
15 Di pipol wey dey pray, plenty rish one hundred and twenty. So Pita stand up for di pipol front kon sey, 16 “My brodas, di word wey di Holy Spirit use David tok about Judas, wey show road to di pipol wey arrest Jesus Christ, must happen, 17 bikos e dey awa group before and e dey follow us do di work.” 18 (Dis Judas buy one land with di money wey e kollect for di wiked tin wey e do and na der e hang ensef till en belle burst and all en intestine kon skata kom out, 19 sotey all di pipol for Jerusalem hear di story and naim make dem dey koll di place for dia language, “Akeldama”, wey mean, “Blood Land”). 20 “For Psalms book, God word sey, ‘Make en house empty, make nobody stay der again and make anoda pesin take en place.’ 21 So, make one pesin from di men wey dey follow us since di time wey Oga God Jesus Christ dey with us, 22 from wen dem baptize am, until e go up leave us; make e kon join us tell pipol di trut sey, Jesus Christ don raiz-up from grave.” 23 So dem choose two men, one na Josef wey dem dey koll Barsabas (but some pipol dey koll am Justus) and di oda one, na Matias. 24 Den dem kon pray, “Oga God Jesus Christ, na yu know wetin dey inside evribody mind. Make yu show us di pesin wey yu wont among dis two pipol, 25 so dat e go take Apostle Judas, wey kill ensef, place.” 26 Naim dem kon vote to choose between di two men and di pesin wey dem choose, na Matias.