Jesus Show Ensef To En Disciples For Galilee
Afta dis, Jesus show ensef again to en disciples near Tiberias Sea. Dis na how e do am. Simon Pita and Tomas (wey bi twins), with Netanel (wey en town bi Kana for Galilee), with Zebedee pikin and two oda Jesus disciples, kon gada togeda. Simon Pita kon tell dem, “I dey go katch fish.” Dem sey, “Wi too go follow yu go.” Den dem komot go enter one kenu. But dat nite dem nor katch any fish.
Wen day break, Jesus stand for di wotaside, but di disciples nor know sey naim dey der.
Jesus kon ask dem, “My shidren, una katch any fish?”
Dem ansa, “No o-o.”
E kon tell dem, “Make una trow una net go di rite side for di kenu and una go katch some fish.” Wen dem don trow dia net inside di river, dem nor fit draw am komot from di wota, bikos di fish wey dem katch, plenty well-well.
Den, John, di disciple wey Jesus love kon tell Pita, “Dis man na Jesus o-o.” Wen Simon Pita hear sey di man na Jesus, e kon kwik-kwik tie en klot well (bikos e nor wear anytin under), den e jump inside di river. By dis time, di oda disciples dey inside di kenu dey pul di net with di plenty fish go rish groun for di wotaside (bikos where dem dey, na about one hundred yard from di wotaside). Wen dem don kom down from di kenu, dem kon si shako fire with fish and some bread on-top am.
10 Jesus tell dem, “Make una bring some for di fish wey una katch kom.”
11 Den Simon Pita enter di kenu kon pul di net kom groun. Di net katch plenty big-big fish wey rish one hundred and fifty-three and di net nor tear. 12 Jesus tell dem, “Make una kom chop.” But dem nor fit ask am, “Who yu bi”, bikos dem bilive sey na Jesus e bi. 13 Den Jesus kon give dem bread and fish. 14 Dis make am di third time wen Jesus show ensef to en disciples, afta e don raiz-up from grave.
Jesus Forgive Pita
15 Wen dem don chop finish, Jesus ask Simon Pita, “Simon, John pikin, yu love mi pass all dis tins?”
E ansa, “Yes, Oga God! Yu know sey I love yu.”
Jesus kon tell am, “Make yu feed my sheep.”
16 Jesus ask am again, “Simon, John pikin, yu really tink sey yu love mi?”
Pita ansa, “Yes, oga! Yu know sey I love yu.”
Jesus kon tell am, “Make yu kare for my sheep.”
17 Jesus ask am di third time, “Simon, John pikin, yu sure sey yu love mi so?”
Pita kon dey vex, bikos e pain am well-well, as Jesus ask am di same kweshon three times, “Yu sure sey yu love mi so?” Den Pita sey, “Oga God, yu know evritin, yu know sey I really love yu.”
So, Jesus tell am, “Make yu feed my sheep. 18 I tell yu true word, wen yu dey small, yu dey do as yu like, dey dress as yu like and dey go anywhere wey yu wont, but wen yu go old, yu go spread yor hand and oda pipol go help yu tie yor klot and karry yu go where yu nor won go.” 19 (Jesus tok dis to show how Pita go die, so dat God go get honor). Afta Jesus tok finish, e kon tell Pita, “Make yu follow mi.”
Jesus Tell Pita To Follow Am
20 Wen Pita turn round, e kon si John, (di disciple wey Jesus love well-well), dey follow dem. (Dis na di disciple wey bend en head near Jesus chest wen dem dey chop kon ask am, “Oga God, who bi di pesin wey go sell yu give yor enemy?”) 21 Wen Pita si am, e kon ask Jesus, “Oga God, wot about dis man?”
22 Jesus ansa am, “Make yu mind yor own business. If I wont sey make e stay until I kom back, wish one koncern yu inside? Make yu yorsef follow mi.” 23 Den di rumor kon dey spread among di brodas and sistas sey, di disciple nor go die. But Jesus nor really tell Pita sey di oda disciple nor go die, but e sey, “If I won sey make e stay until I kom back, wish one koncern yu inside?”
24 Na dis bi di disciple wey bear witness about all dis tins and wey rite dem and wi know sey wetin e rite, na true.
25 Jesus do many oda tins wey dem nor rite down. If to sey dem rite all of dem, di world nor go get space wey go kontain all di book, where dem rite dem put.