Israel Pipol Don Sin
Israel and Judah pipol wey God take komot from Egypt, make una listin to wetin E tok against una. “Out of all di families for di eart, na only una I know and kare for and bikos of dis, I go ponish una for all una sins.”
Di Profet Work
Two pipol go fit waka togeda,
if dem nor gri?
Lion dey shaut anyhow wen e nor katch animal?
Or small lion dey karry shaut wen e nor dey chop?
Trap dey fit katch bird,
if dem nor use food take set am?
Abi trap dey komot from where dem set am put
if e nor katch animal?
Pipol nor dey fear,
if dem blow war trumpet for di town?
Abi wahala dey just happen for town,
wen God nor allow am?
Before God wey get pawa do anytin,
E go first show en plans to di profets,
wey bi en savant.
So na who nor dey fear if lion dey shaut?
God wey dey mighty don tok,
na who nor go tok about am?
Wahala For Samaria
Go tell di pipol wey dey stay for Egypt and Ashdod palis sey, “Make una gada round di hills for Samaria! Make una si di wahala wey dey happen for di town and di bad-bad tins wey dem dey do.” 10 God sey,
“Propaty wey dis pipol use wahala and wayo get,
na-im dem pak full dia house
and dem nor even dey tok trut or do wetin dey rite.”
11 So God sey, “Enemies go surround dia land,
distroy dia pawas kon tif dia propaty.”
12 Oga God sey, “Na only few pipol for Samaria
go eskape with dia life
and with small piece for dia bed and chair.
E go bi like wen shepad save two leg
and some part of en sheep ear from lion mout.”
13 God wey get pawa sey, “Make yu listin
and warn Jakob shidren-shidren sey,
14 ‘For di day wen I go ponish Israel pipol for dia sin,
I go distroy Bethel altars.
I go break and skata evry altar for der too.
15 I go distroy all di house wey rish pipol build
bikos of rain and dry sizin.
All di house wey dem use ivory stone take dekorate,
go fall skata and di big-big house go skata finish.’ ”
Na so Oga God tok.