Dis na wetin Oga God tok,
“Moab pipol don too sin,
but I go ponish dem naw,
bikos dem nor respet Edom kings wey don die since;
instead dem burn dia bones to ashes.
So I go use fire take distroy Moab town
kon burn Keriot strong-strong buildings rish groun.
Moab pipol go die for war
and dia sojas go dey shaut and trumpet dey blow.
I go kill all dia rulers and leaders.”
Dis na wetin Oga God tok.
God sey,
“Bikos Judah pipol don too sin,
I go ponish dem naw.
Dem hate wetin I tish dem
and nor gri obey my kommand.
Di same lie-lie gods wey dia grand-grand papa dem serve,
don deceive dem too.
So I go distroy Judah
kon burn all di strong-strong buildings
wey dey Jerusalem rish groun.”
God Go Judge Israel
God sey, “Bikos Israel pipol don too sin,
I go ponish dem naw.
Dem sell innocent pipol bikos of silva
kon sell poor pipol, bikos of ordinary shoe.
Dem dey mash poor pipol head for san-san
kon push doz wey nor get who go help dem komot for road.
Papa and pikin dey sleep with di same woman
and like dis, dem don spoil my name wey dey holy.
For where dem for dey woship,
dem dey kover diasef with klot
wey dem kollect from poor pipol as payment for debts.
For inside God temple,
dem dey drink wine
wey dem kollect from doz wey dey whole dem money.
I distroy Amor pipol, bikos of my pipol;
men wey tall like cedar tree and get pawa like strong tree.
I distroy di fruit wey dey dia tree
kon skata di rut for groun.
10 Na mi still bring una kom out from Egypt;
lead una pass desert for forty years,
den give una Amor pipol land.
11 I make some of una pikin profets
and some of una yong men, I make dem Nazirites.
So God kon ask dem,
‘Israel pipol, nor bi trut I dey tok?’
12 But una make di Nazirite drink wine
kon sey make di profets nor prish my message.
13 But naw, I go distroy una finish
and una go kry with pain
like truck wey dem ova-load with korn.
14 Even doz wey dey run fast nor go fit eskape;
strong men nor go get pawa again
and sojas nor go fit save dia own life.
15 Men wey dey karry bow nor go fit defend demsef;
doz wey dey run fast nor go fit eskape
and men wey dey on-top horse
nor go fit save demsef.
16 For dat day, even di sojas wey strong well-well
go drop all di tins wey e take dey fight kon run.”
Na so Oga God tok.