Paul Leta To
Wen Paul dey for Efesus, Epafras wey kom from Kolosse work with am. Kolosse na about 100 mile to di east for Efesus. Epafras return to en home-town with di good news of Jesus and start di church der. Leta, e go meet Paul wen e dey prison for Rome and e kon tell Paul evritin wey dey hapun for Kolosse. So Paul rite dis leta to dem to help dem undastand some tins about di new life in Christ. Like Galatia pipol, di Christians for Kolosse nor know di difrence between Jew pipol law and God grace, as dem dey add oda tins to di gospel message. Some of dem dey proud and kon dey sey dem dey si vishons and dem know spiritual tins well-well pass oda pipol. So Paul kon rite to dem to sey, “Wen pesin get Jesus as en Messiah, e don get evritin, bikos evritin dey under Jesus kontrol!”
I Salot
Dis leta na from mi Paul, Jesus Christ apostle and Timoti my broda, bikos na so God wont am. To all God pipol for Kolosse, wey bi awa brodas and sistas for Christ. Make God awa Papa give una grace and peace.
Paul Tok To Di Pipol
Wi dey always tank God wey bi Jesus Christ Papa, anytime wen wi dey pray for una, since wi hear about how una bilive Christ and di love wey una get for God pipol. Wen una first hear about di Good News wey bring trut, una kon get love and faith for wetin God prepare for una for heaven and na dis gospel kom meet una. Dis gospel dey bear fruit for di whole world and since di day wey una hear am, una don undastand as God grace big rish and e don dey bear fruit and grow among una. Awa broda Epafras, wey dey work for Christ with all en mind, even doh wi nor dey der, na-im tish una di gospel and e kon tell us about di love wey di Spirit give una.
Paul Pray For Di Church
Bikos of dis, wi too, since wi hear about una, wi neva stop to dey pray for una. Wi dey tell God make E show una wetin E wont, so dat una go dey wise and undastand God Spirit, 10 den una life go betta just as Christ wont. For all di good tins wey una dey do, make una dey bear fruit and learn to know God more-more. 11 Wi still dey pray sey una go dey strong with God pawa wey get glory. Una go show sey una dey patient and get strong mind for God work with happiness. 12 Make una dey tank God, bikos E don make una share from wetin en pipol get for en kingdom wey dey give lite. 13 E save us from darkness pawa and put us for di kingdom wey E give di pikin wey E love. 14 Dis na di pikin wey pay for us, so dat wi go dey free and God go forgive us awa sins.
Jesus Pawa
15 God wey wi nor dey si,
na Jesus bi en image and for evritin wey E kreate,
na Jesus bi di first.
16 Bikos God kreate evritin for heaven
and eart thru en pikin;
both Fisical and spiritual tins;
weda dem get pawa
or dey rule for difren-difren place;
God kreate dem thru am
and E kreate dem for am.
17 Christ dey before evritin and bikos e dey,
evritin still dey where dem dey.
18 Na-im bi head for di body wey bi di church
and from di biginnin, na-im bi di first-born
wey raiz-up from grave,
so dat e go bi nomba one for evritin.
19 God dey happy sey evritin wey dey inside am,
dey inside en pikin too
20 and thru Christ blood wey e pour out for us for di cross,
God go draw evritin back to ensef
afta E don make peace with tins for heaven and eart.
Ministry Wey Paul Wont
21 Before-before, bikos of di wiked tins wey una dey do and tink, una dey far from God and una bi en enemy. 22 But naw, with en pikin blood, E don draw una klose kom en present, so dat E go make una en friends wey nor get stain or fault and wey dey holy. 23 If true-true una get faith and una leg strong for groun, den una go get hope kon whole di gospel wey una hear. Dem don prish dis gospel give evribody for di world and mi Paul don bi di gospel savant.
24 I dey happy for di sofa wey I dey sofa for una and for di church wey bi Christ body, so I dey take my body komplete wetin remain for Christ sofa. 25 I bi savant for di church, bikos of di work wey God sey make I do for una and I dey do am to komplete God work. 26 So di sekret wey E hide from awa grand-grand papa dem and evribody wey dey di world before, E don open am make en pipol si. 27 God wont make dem know di rishis wey dey en glory; wey di sekret get for evribody and na-im bi Christ wey dey inside una. So una get hope sey una go share for God glory.
28 As wi dey tell evribody wetin dem go do, wi dey prish Christ and tish with wisdom, so dat wen wi go show una to Christ, una go don dey pafet. 29 So na dis tins I dey struggol and work for akordin to en pawa wey dey work inside mi.