Make Una Stand Well
Pipol for Laodicea and doz wey neva si mi face-to-face, I wont make una know how I dey work for una rish. Wetin I wont bi sey, wen una don really undastand God sekret wey dey inside Jesus Christ, make una heart dey strong with love, so dat una go get evritin wey una wont. Bikos all di wisdom and knowledge wey God get, E hide dem inside Christ. I dey tok all dis tins, so dat nobody go dey deceive una with argument. And even if I nor dey der with una, my spirit dey der and I dey happy sey una mind nor dey shange and una faith for Christ, still strong well-well.
Warnin About Lie-lie
So, just as una asept Jesus Christ as una Oga God, make una kontinue to live una life inside am. Make una dey strong for groun and dey grow inside Christ, so dat una faith go strong as wi dey tish una and una go dey tank God well-well. Make una take kare and nor let anybody fool una with wayo tok about human being wisdom and spiritual pawas wey dey rule di world, but make una dey do as Christ wont.
Bikos na Christ dey show us evritin about God. 10 And una dey komplete inside am; bikos na-im bi di head for all di pawas wey dey for heaven and eart. 11 Dem sekonsaiz una inside am. Dis nor bi human being sekonsishon, but na di spirit own wey Christ dey do. 12 Bikos wen dem baptize una, dem beri una with am and una follow am raiz-up thru di faith wey God pawa dey give and na dis God raiz am up.
13 Even doh una bin don die inside una sin bikos dem nor sekonsaiz una body, God kon make una dey alive with am, bikos E don forgive una sins. 14 E don distroy doz bad-bad tins wey una dey do and wetin dem rite about awa debt wey fit kill us, God remove am kon nail dem for di cross. 15 God disgrace wiked and evil rulers for publik, wen E win dem for di cross.
16 So make una nor let anybody take food, drink, party, new moon or Sabat Day matter, take judge una. 17 Bikos all dis tins na shadow for di tins wey go kom, but di really tin, na Christ! 18 Make una nor let doz wey dey pritend and woship angels judge una. Dat kind pesin dey tok anyhow about vishon wey e sey e si, but na yeye tins and sin full en mind. 19 Dat pesin nor dey with Christ wey bi di head. Bikos na Christ join di whole body togeda, as dem dey grow inside God.
20 Since una don die with Christ and e don free una from wiked pipol, den why una still dey bihave as pipol wey nor know God? 21 Wen dem sey, make pipol nor whole, chop or tosh some tins, e nor mean anytin. 22 All dis tins dey yuzles as pipol dey use dem, bikos na human being make all dis rules. 23 E bi like sey dis tins get wisdom, bikos pipol dey woship angels; dey pritend sey dem good and dey sofa dia body, but dis wisdom nor get value, bikos e nor fit stop pesin make e nor do di yeye tins wey dey en mind.