Di Angel Give Daniel Message
Den for di first year wen Darius bi king for Mede, I kom help and defend am.) And na di trut I won tell yu naw.”
Di angel still sey, “Three more king go kom from Persia. Den di fourt king go get money well-well pass all di kings wey don dey before am. Wen e don get pawa well-well, bikos of en money, e go karry evribody go fight Greece. Anoda king wey get money go kom. E go rule many great kingdoms kon do wetin e like. But en kingdom go skata at wons go di four korna for di world and four oda kingdoms go raiz and nor bi en shidren or family pipol go rule dis pipol and di kingdoms nor go get pawa like en own.
“Den Egypt king go get pawa well-well. But one of en sojas oga go even strong pass am and e go rule great kingdom. Afta many years, Egypt king go make agriment with Siria king kon give en dota to am as wife. But di agriment know go last, bikos dem go kill di girl, en husband, en pikin and di savants wey follow am go.
“E nor go tey before one of di woman broda, go bi king. E go attack Siria king, dia sojas, enter di place wey strong pass kon kill dem. E go karry dia juju and all dia betta tins with silva and gold go back to Egypt. Afta many years wey peace don dey, Siria king go attack Egypt, but e nor go susid. 10 Siria king sons go dey ready to fight and dem go gada many sojas. One of dem go flow like wota kon attack dia enemies strong town.
11 “Egypt king go vex well-well kon go fight Siria king and e go katch many of en sojas. 12 E go dey happy for en viktory and all di many sojas wey e kill, but e nor go always dey win. 13 Siria king go-go back go gada many sojas wey plenty pass di first ones. Den for di rite time, e go attack with all en sojas wey dem don prepare well-well.
14 “Dat time, many pipol go kom oppoz Egypt king. And some of di wiked ones from yor nashon go raiz to show sey dis vishon na trut, but dem go skata. 15 Den Siria king go katch and take one strong town. Di sojas wey dey Egypt nor go fight again; even di best sojas wey dey with dem nor go get pawa again. 16 Siria sojas go do wetin dem like and nobody go oppoz dem. E go stand for di promise land and en pawa go dey komplete. 17 Siria king go plan to travel with en sojas and all of dem go get one mind. Den make e for fit distroy en enemy kingdom, e go enter agriment with dem kon give en dota to dem as wife; but en plan nor go work. 18 Den e go attack and konker many nashons wey dey near di sea. But one ruler from anoda kountry go win am kon stop all di nonsense wey e dey do since. All di yeye tins wey Siria king don do, di ruler go do am to am too. 19 Di king go-go back to en land wey dem protet well, but e go stagga fall and dem nor go si am again. 20 Anoda king go raiz wey go send en ofisas go opress pipol. Dem go kollect tax for dia hand kon make dia kingdom get plenty money. E nor go tey before dem go kill-am, but nor bi for publik or war.”
21 “Di angel still sey di next king for Siria go wiked well-well. E nor get rite to bi king, but before pipol know, e go deceive dem kon bi king. 22 Anybody wey ask am kweshon about di High Priest, e go kill-am. 23 E go deceive many oda nashons, bikos e sey e dey make peace and e go dey strong evriday, even doh en nashon nor big. 24 E nor go warn towns wey get money before e attack dem and e own go worse pass wetin en grand-grand papa dem do. E go divide di propaty wey e take for war give en men. E go plan to attack sojas wey strong pass am, but en time go soon end. 25 E go raiz many sojas wey go attack Egypt king wey don prepare to fight back with en strong and pawaful sojas. But dem go deceive Egypt king and e go luz di war. 26 Di pipol wey dey chop with di king, go plan to kill-am! Dem go kill and skata many of en sojas. 27 Di two kings go sidan chop for di same tabol, even doh dem get bad belle for each oda; dem go dey deceive each oda. Dem nor go get wetin dem won get, bikos di time neva rish. 28 Den Siria king for nort go-go house with all di tins wey e karry for war. En mind go dey against di holy kovenant. E go kause wahala, den e go-go e own land. 29 Leta, e go attack Egypt, but dis time, e nor go bi like di first one. 30 Kittim pipol go kom with ship kon fight am and fear go katch am. E go turn won kon distroy God pipol. Den e go-go back kon favor doz wey rijet di holy kovenant. 31 En sojas go skata di temple. Dem go stop di sakrifice wey dem dey do kon do many bad tins. 32 Doz wey don rijet di kovenant, e go use sweet mout take win dem back, but doz wey dey follow God, nor go allow am. 33 Doz wey wise among di pipol go tish di odas. But some of dem go die for war and dem go karry di rest go as prisonas. 34 God go help en pipol small wen dem fall. But some pipol go play wayo kon join dem. 35 Even some wey wise go die and dis tin go kon make di pipol klean. E go kontinue like dis until di end rish; di time wey God don set.
36 “Den di king go do wetin e like. E go dey make mout and karry body up sey, ‘I get pawa pass any oda god. I even high pass God wey dey heaven.’ E go dey susid until di time wey God won ponish am, don rish. God go do wetin E don plan. 37 Di king nor go respet en papa gods, tok-less of di god wey wimen love. E nor go respet any god, but e go dey karry ensef up. 38 Na only di gods wey get pawa well-well, e go dey respet. Gods wey en papa nor know, na-im e go honor with gold, silva, fine stones and propaty. 39 E go attack strong nashons wey dey woship anoda god. E go honor pipol wey si am as dia leader. Dem go serve for en ofis and e go give dem land as dia reward.
40 “Wen di end don rish, Egypt king go attack am. Siria king go fight am with all en pawa; with shariot and many ship. E go attack and distroy many kountries like river wey flow enter land. 41 Den e go enter di fine land. Many pipol go die, but di leaders for Edom, Moab and Ammon go eskape. 42 E go attack oda kountries and even Egypt nor go fit eskape am. 43 E go kontrol where dem hide gold and silva put with all di betta tins wey Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia bin get. 44 Den, dem go gi-am trobol from nort and east and e go-go fight with all en pawa kon distroy and kill many pipol. 45 E go even build small palis for di sea centre near di holy mountin. But wen e go die, nobody go dey der to help am.”