End Time
“Den Mikael; di great prince wey dey guide yor pipol, go appear. Dat na wahala time and dis kind wahala neva happen for anywhere kom rish naw. But yor own pipol wey dia name dey di book wey get life, go eskape. Many pipol wey don die go raiz; doz wey dey holy go get life wey nor dey end, while odas go sofa forever. But wise pipol go shine like lite for di sky. Doz wey tish pipol di rite tin, go shine like star forever and ever.
“But Daniel, make yu klose and keep di book for sekret until dis world don end. Many pipol go waste dia strent dey waka up-and-down, bikos dem nor fit undastand wetin dey happen.”
Mi, Daniel, kom si two men stand for di oda side. Dem stand for di river two side. One kon tell di oda one wey wear linen, wey dey on-top di river, “Wen all dis wonderful tins go happen?” Den I hear di man wey wear linen wey dey on-top di river as e raiz en two hand face sky kon swear with God name sey: “Na only three and half years remain; by di time wen God don save en holy pipol from who dey sofa dem, all dis tins go don happen.”
I hear wetin e tok, but I nor undastand. So I kom ask, “Wetin go happen afta all dis tins?” E ansa, “Daniel! Make yu dey go. Dis matter don finish and dem don keep am until di world go end. 10 Many pipol go dey klean; dem go klean dem well-well, but wiked pipol go still dey do dia wikedness. No wiked pesin go undastand naw, but na only wise pipol, go fit undastand. 11 E go bi 1,000 two hundred and ninty days, from di time wey dem stop di sakrifice kon start all dis bad and wiked tins, wey dem dey do. 12 Pipol wey dey faithful until di 1,000 three hundred and thirty-five days don end, go dey happy! 13 But Daniel, make yu dey faithful to di end. Yu go die, but wen di world don end, yu go raiz-up kon kollect yor reward.”