Profet Hosea tok to Israel kingdom for nort durin di 8th century BC, wen evritin nor too dey fine. Afta Jeroboam II die, na six difren kings rule Israel pipol for about 20 years plus. Assyria sojas attack Israel pipol for 722 BC, take-ova di land and karry almost evribody for Israel go as kaptives to Assyria. Dis na bikos Israel stop to woship Oga God and kon dey follow Baal, di Kanaanite juju. So for Hosea time, di pipol don dey go di juju house where dem dey do all kinds of bad tins, inkluding majik. Profet Hosea kondemn di way dem woship and e kol am spiritual ashawo. E also kondemn dem as dey make friends with strenjas, rijet God law and how dem long-trot. Di pipol nor gri listin as Hosea dey warn dem, instead dem dey laf am.
Na two main parts dey di book. Di first part short and e tell us how God kommand Hosea make e marry Gomer, di ashawo woman. Dis na to show how Israel sin against God and how E still love dem. God use di profet life take show wetin E get for mind for Israel pipol, aldo dem dey sin against en law. Di sekond part wey long well-well, na di main message and tins wey dem tell King Jeroboam about di hope for Israel, if dem turn back kon woship am. Hosea beg God for Israel kingdom for di last years, wen dem dey foreign land as prisonas.
Dis na di message wey God give Hosea, Beeri pikin for di time wey Uzzaya, Jotam, Ahaz and Hezekaya dey rule Judah and wen Jehoash pikin, Jeroboam dey rule Israel.
Wen God first tok to Israel pipol thru Hosea, E tell am, “Make yu go marry ashawo and just as my pipol don leave mi and nor dey faithful to mi, na so too yor wife nor go dey faithful to yu and e go born shidren wey nor go know dia papa.” So Hosea go marry one girl wey bi Diblaim pikin and en name na Gomer. Afta dem don born dia first pikin wey bi boy, God tell Hosea, “Make yu koll am ‘Jezrel,’ bikos e nor go tey before I go ponish Israel king, bikos of di pipol wey dia grand-grand papa Jehu kill for Jezrel. I go skata Israel kingdom rish groun. Dat time, I go distroy Israel sojas for Jezrel Valley.”
Gomer, Hosea wife kon born anoda pikin, but dis time, na girl. Den God tell Hosea, “Yu go koll dis one, ‘Lo-Ruhamah wey mean: No-pity,’ bikos I nor go show Israel pipol love or forgive dem again. But I go love and sorry for Judah pipol. Mi wey bi dia Oga God, go save dem, but e nor go bi thru war, swod, bow, arrow, horse or doz wey dey ride di horse dem.”
Afta Gomer don stop to breast feed Lo-Ruhamah, e kon get belle again and e born anoda boy. So God tell Hosea, “Make yu koll dis one, ‘Nor bi my pipol (Lo-Ammi),’ bikos Israel pipol nor bi my pipol and I nor bi dia God.”
Save Israel
10 But di time dey kom wen Israel pipol go plenty like san-san for sea wey nobody fit kount or measure. Aldo God dey sey, “Una nor bi my pipol,” but di day dey kom wen God go sey, “God wey nor dey die, na-im bi una papa!” 11 Den Judah and Israel pipol go kom togeda as one again. Dem go choose one pesin wey go lead dem and dem go plenty kon prosper for dia land again. Yes! Dat day for Jezrel, go dey great well-well!