Den make yu go koll yor brodas, “Ammi” (wey mean “My pipol”)! And yor sistas, “Ruhamah” (wey mean “Pity”)!
God Go Ponish Israel Pipol
Make yu akuiz yor mama, Israel,
bikos e nor bi my wife again
and mi Oga God, nor bi en husband again.
If e nor gri stop, I go naked am,
just as e bi wen dem born am.
I go make am bi like dry land,
where nor-tin dey grow
and I go let wota hongry am till e die.
I nor go pity or sorry for en shidren,
bikos na ashawo wey nor get shame, born dem.
Dia mama sey, “I go-go meet my lovers,
bikos na dem dey give mi food,
wota, wool, linen, olive oil and wine.”
But I go fence and block una mama with shuku-shuku,
so dat e nor go waka go anywhere.
E go run follow en lovers,
but e nor go fit katch dem. E go find dem, but e nor go si dem.
Den e go sey, “I go-go back to my first husband.
I betta well-well den wen I dey with am,
pass as I dey naw.”
But till naw, e nor ever gri sey
na mi gi-am di korn, wine, olive oil
and all di silva and gold wey e take dey woship Baal.
So for harvest time, I go take all my gifts
wey bi korn, wine, wool and linen
wey I gi-am make e wear.
10 I go naked am for en lovers front
and nobody go fit save am from my pawa.
11 I go stop all di party and feast
wey e dey do evry mont, year and for Sabat Day.
12 I go distroy all en vine and di fig tree
wey e sey en lovers gi-am,
bikos e dey serve dem.
I go turn en gardins to wildaness;
den wiked animals go distroy dem.
13 I go ponish am for all doz times wey e forget mi
kon dey burn incense give Baal
and dey run follow en lovers with all di gold wey e wear.
Mi, wey bi God, don tok.
14 I go karry am go wildaness
kon make am turn kom meet mi
with di sweet-sweet words wey I go tell am.
15 I go gi-am back en vineyard den Trobol Valley go
kon bi Hope Valley.
E go ansa mi for der,
just as e do wen e dey yong for di time
wen e dey komot from Egypt.
16 For dat time, na husband yu go dey koll mi
instead of yor masta.
17 I go remove Baal name from yor mout
and yu nor go ever take about am again.
18 For dat time, I go make kovenant
with all di wild animals and birds,
so dat dem nor go wound my pipol.
I go still take di tins wey dem take
dey fight war komot from di land
kon let my pipol stay for peace.
19 Israel, I go make yu my wife;
I go love and dey faithful to yu;
I go always sorry for yu
and yu go bi my own forever.
20 I go keep my promise kon make yu my own,
den yu go know sey na mi bi yor God.
21 For dat time, wen my pipol Israel pray to mi,
I go ansa dem.
22 I go make rain fall
and korn, grape and olive fruit go grow for di land.
23 I go make my pipol stay for di land
and dem go prosper.
Doz wey dem dey koll “No-pity” before,
I go pity for dem
and doz wey dem dey koll “Nor bi my pipol,”
I go sey, “Naw, una don bi my pipol”,
den dem go ansa sey,
“Na Yu bi awa God.”