God Love Israel
God tell mi, “Make yu go love yor wife again, even doh e love anoda man and dey sleep with difren pipol. Na so too God love Israel pipol, even doh dem turn kon dey serve oda gods and dey give dia rice as ofrin to juju.” So I pay fifteen silva koin and seven basket for barley to take bring di woman back. Den I tell am, “Yu must always dey with mi and nor do ashawo or go sleep with anoda man again and mi mysef go dey with yu.” Dis tin show sey na so too Israel pipol go dey: dem nor go get king or leader; dem nor go do sakrifice or serve stone again and dem nor go get juju or image wey dem go use take konsult dia gods. But di time dey kom wen Israel pipol go turn kom meet Oga God and one among David shidren-shidren, go bi dia king. Den dem go fear God and E go bless dem.