Dis book rikord all di great words wey Moses tok before e die. E tok to Israel pipol wey grow for di wildaness jos as dem dey prepare to enter Kanaan land. God won use di land wey E promise en pipol, take show how di new life wey en dey give wen E bless yu, bi. Di main form for dis kovenant na dis five tins wey bi:
Na name and title dem take dey know great ruler
Dem dey tok about di story and all di strong tins wey di great ruler do.
Di work and duties wey di ruler savants go do, dem rite dem down.
Di blessing to obey di agriment and di kos to break am, dem rite dem down too
Dem rite how Israel shidren-shidren go take dey follow and obey di kovenant.
Dis book really follow dis tins well-well. Pipol si Moses as pesin wey dey ripresent di Great King wey bi Israel God: di One wey dem nor fit forget about all di wonderful tins wey E do for en pipol. Moses remind dem to respet dia king kon rite dia duties for groun. E still kol di pipol to swear sey dem go always dey obey di kommandments. Afta e tok who go lead afta am, e klimb one mountin go look di land wey God promise dem and na for der e for die. Israel pipol stand face di land wey dem go bi dia own, di new creashon and life wey God promise dem.
Dis na wetin Moses tell Israel pipol for di wildaness for Jordan River near Arabah opposite Suf, between Paran and Tofell, Laban, Hazerot and Dizahab. Na eleven days journey e suppose bi from Horeb to Kadesh Barnea wen dem pass thru Mount Seir.
Forty years afta Israel pipol don komot Egypt, for di first day for di elevent mont, Moses kon tell Israel pipol evritin wey God kommand am. Dis tin happen for Edrei, afta dem win King Sihon for Amor, wey en soja oga na Heshbon and King Og for Bashan wey en sojas oga na Ashtarot.
So, wen Israel pipol dey for Moab land wey dey Jordan River, na der Moses for tell dem dis law:
Wetin Happen For Horeb
Oga God tok to us for Horeb sey, “Una don too tey for dis mountin. So make una get up kon kontinue una journey go Amor kountries for di hill; all di arias wey dey near der, di high lands, di Shefelah, di Negev, all di lowland, Kanaan and Lebanon, still e rish di great River Eufrates. Look! I don already give di land to una. So make una go kollect di land wey mi God promise to give una grand-grand papa Abraham, Isaak, Jakob and dia shidren.”
Moses still sey, “For dat time, I sey, ‘Una wahala too mush for only mi. 10 God don make una many well-well like stars for sky! 11 So make God wey bi una grand-grand papa God bless una well-well, just as E promise! 12 But una wahala too mush to bear! How I wont take handle all una wahala and trobols? 13 Make una choose some men from each tribe wey wise, get wisdom and I go make dem una leaders.’
14 “Den una sey, ‘Wetin yu tell us so, dey good well-well.’
15 “So I take di men wey una selet by unasef kon make dem judge and ofisas ova una. Some dey lead 1,000 pipol, some hundred, some fifty, while some na only ten pipol. 16 For dat time, I tell di judge dem sey, ‘Una must listin to una pipol and doz wey bi strenjas, den make una judge well. 17 Make una nor favor anybody and na as una take listin to rish man kase, na so too una go take listin to poor man own. Make una nor fear anybody, bikos na God dey judge evribody. Any kase wey una nor fit judge, make una bring am kom meet mi.’ ”
Message For Kadesh Barnea
18 For dat time, I kommand una about all di tins wey una go do. 19 Den just as God kommand us, wi komot from Mount Horeb kon travel pass di great wildaness wey dey make pesin fear, just as unasef go remember, den wi face Amor pipol kountries. Wen wi rish Kadesh Barnea, 20 I kon sey, “At last wi don rish Amor pipol kountry wey di Oga awa God don give us. 21 Si! E don put di land for una front. So make una go take am, just as God promise una. Make una nor fear anytin! Make una heart strong!
22 “So all of una waka kom meet mi sey, ‘Make wi first send some men go si di land, so dat dem go kom back kon tell us as e bi. Dem go tell us di best way or town wey wi go take enter and attack di kountry.’
23 “I tink sey wetin una tok dey good, so I kon choose twelf men, one form each tribes. 24 Dem go di hill kountry until dem rish Eshkol Valley kon look am well-well. 25 Dem pick some fruits for der kon meet us. Dem sey, ‘Di land wey awa Oga God don give us, good well-well.’ ”
Israel Pipol Disobey God
26 Una nor ready to go, instead una kon dey tok against di Oga awa God kommand. 27 Una dey komplain for korna sey, “Na bikos God hate us na-im make am take us komot Egypt, so dat Amor pipol go distroy us! 28 Na wetin go happen to us? Awa own brodas don make us dey fear, bikos dem sey, ‘Di pipol wey dey di land big well-well pass us; dia kountry dey big and dem fence am rish heaven. Wi still si Anak shidren-shidren for der too.’ ”
29 So I ansa una sey, “Make una nor fear dem at-all! 30 Di Oga una God go first go fight for una, just as una si evritin wey E do for Egypt 31 and for di wildaness where E for karry us like man wey dey karry en pikin. Na like dis E dey do for evriwhere wey una go until una rish dis place.”
32 But even afta evritin wey E do, una nor gri trust di Oga wey bi una God, 33 di Pesin wey dey always go find betta place for una, even before una rish der. E dey appear to una thru fire for nite and inside kloud for day time, so dat E go show una di way wey una go-go.
Judgement For Kadesh Barnea
34 Wen God hear as una dey komplain, E vex well-well kon swear sey: 35 “Nobody for dis una wiked generashon nor go si or enter di good land wey I promise una grand-grand papa dem! 36 Di only pesin wey I go allow na Kaleb, Jefunneh pikin wey follow di odas go shek di land and na wetin God wont make e do, na-im e do. I go give en and en shidren-shidren some part for di land wey e bin go look.”
37 And God sef still vex for mi, bikos of una. E tell mi sey, “Even yu, Moses nor go enter di land wey I promise una! 38 But na Nun pikin Joshua wey dey assist yu go enter. So make Yu enkourage am, bikos na en go lead Israel pipol enter di land. 39 Una shidren wey una feel sey go die for road, di ones wey nor know good from bad, na dem I go give di land to. I go give dem di land and e go bi dia own forever. 40 But una go turn back go di wildaness towards di Red Sea.”
Kanaan War
41 Den una ansa mi, “Wi don really sin against God. Naw, wi dey ready to fight doz pipol, just as awa Oga God don kommand.” So each of una wear una war klot kon ready to go fight.
42 But God tell mi, “Make yu tell di pipol sey, ‘Make una nor go fight, bikos I nor go dey with una and una enemies go kill una well-well.’ ”
43 I tell una, but una nor gri listin. Instead una go against God kommand kon go fight. 44 Amor pipol wey dey stay dat aria kom fight and porshu una, just as wiked bee dey do and dem kill una from Seir go rish Hormah. 45 Den wen una kom back, una kom dey kry for God present, but God nor listin to una at-all. 46 Bikos of dis, una kon stay for Kadesh tey well-well.