Wimen And Land Propaty
Doz wey dey lead Ramot tribe, wey Makir born and Manasseh wey Josef born, en grand-shidren kon go meet Moses and di oda leaders sey, “God don kommand una make una trow dice take share di land give Israel pipol. E still kommand una make una give Zelofehad awa broda propaty to en dotas. But make una remember sey, if dem marry from anoda tribe, dia propaty go kon bi dat tribe own and di total propaty wey go kon bi awa own, go kon small. And wen Israel pipol won do dia Jubili, all di propaty wey dem don sell before, dem go give dem to di original owner kon add di propaty join Zelofehad dotas and na di oda tribe go get am. So dia propaty nor go kon join awa tribe propaty.”
Moses Decision
As God kommand, Moses kon tell Israel pipol sey, “Wetin Manasseh tribe tok, dey rite, so God sey di dotas wey Zelofehad born fit marry anybody wey dem won, but na only from dia own tribe. Like dis, Israel propaty go still dey for dia tribe. Any woman wey dem share propaty rish from Israel tribe, must marry man wey kom from dat tribe. Like dis, all Israel pipol go get dia papa propaty. No propaty go komot from one tribe go anoda tribe. But evry one for di tribe for Israel go get en own propaty.”
10 As God kommand Moses, na so Zelofehad dotas do. 11 Di dotas wey Zelofehad born na: Mahlah, Tirzah, Hoglah, Milka and Noah. All of dem marry dia papa broda shidren. 12 Dem kon marry from Manasseh wey Josef born tribe and dia propaty kon remain for dia papa tribe.
13 Dis na di rule and laws wey God give Israel pipol thru Moses for Moab land opposite Jordan River for Jeriko.