Levi Town
Den God tell Moses for Moab opposite Jordan River near Jeriko: “Make yu tell Israel pipol sey, ‘From among una propaty, make una give Levi pipol di towns wey dem go stay. Una must give Levi pipol land wey get grass near di towns. So dat dem go get town wey dem go stay and dia grassland go bi for dia kattle and all dia animals.’
“Di grassland wey dey near di town wey una go give Levi pipol go long rish five hundred yard from di wall for di town. Una must measure 1,000 yard from outside di wall for di town wey dey di east kon measure 1,000 yard from di sout-side and 1,000 yard from di west; di nort go bi 1,000 yard and all di towns go dey di middle. Dis aria must bi dia grassland for di town.
“Naw, from dis towns wey una give Levi pipol, una must choose six towns wey dey save wey pesin wey kill somebody go fit hide put. And una must give dem anoda forty-two towns with dia grassland. So di whole land go bi forty-eight. Dis towns must bi Israel pipol own. Di tribes wey big go give more land to Levi pipol, while di small tribes go give small land to Levi pipol. Each tribe go give Levi pipol akordin to di propaty wey dem get.”
Di Town
God tell Moses: 10 “Make yu tell Israel pipol sey: ‘Wen dem don cross Jordan River enter Kanaan land, 11 dem go choose save towns wey pesin wey kill somebody by mistake go fit run go hide. 12 E go dey save for der from di family wey e kill dia pikin. Anybody wey kill pesin, dem must hear from am first before una go kill-am. 13 Make una choose six towns, 14 three for Jordan River east and three for Kanaan land. 15 Dis towns go dey save for Israel pipol and for di strenjas wey dey stay with una for naw or forever. Anybody wey kill pesin by mistake go fit run go hide for one of dis towns.
16 “ ‘But if e use iron take nak pesin die, e must die too, bikos e kill pesin. 17 If na big stone e take kill di pesin, e must die too, bikos e kill pesin. 18 Or if na wood e take kill di pesin, e must die, bikos e kill pesin. 19 Di pesin wey dem kill, en family memba go take revensh. Anytime wey e si di pesin wey kill en broda, e fit kill-am. 20 If anybody hate somebody kon push di pesin or use sometin take stone di pesin die 21 or e nak di pesin die, e must die too, bikos e kill pesin. Di family memba go take revensh. Anytime wey dem si di pesin wey kill dia broda, dem go kill-am too.
22 “ ‘But if na by mistake pesin take kill somebody, weda e push or stone am 23 or nak who nor bi en enemy by mistake, 24 for dis kind kase, di kommunity go judge between di pesin wey kill and di one wey won revensh. 25 Di kommunity go protet di pesin wey kill from doz wey won kill-am and dem must allow am go di save town until di High Priest don die.
26 “ ‘If di pesin wey kill pesin komot from di save town wey e hide put 27 and if dem kill-am, den who kill-am nor go dey guilty. 28 Di pesin wey kill pesin must stay for di save town until di High Priest go die, afta dis, e go fit go house back.
29 “ ‘Una and una shidren go obey dis law for anywhere wey una dey.
30 “ ‘Anybody wey dem akuiz sey e kill pesin go dey guilty, dem go fit kill-am, if two or more pipol bear witness sey na true. But if na only one pesin tok against am, den dat one nor rish to kill-am.
31 “ ‘Dem must kill di pesin wey kill anoda pesin; e nor go fit run from wetin e do.
32 “ ‘If somebody go hide for di save town, make una nor allow am pay any money to take go house back, until di High Priest die.
33 “ ‘If una do like dat, una go spoil di land where una dey stay. Di pesin wey kill pesin dey spoil di land and unless dem kill-am, dem nor go fit klean di land where dem for kill pesin. 34 Israel pipol, make una nor spoil di land wey I dey give una, bikos na mi bi God and I dey stay among una.’ ”