Ekklesiastes na about difren words wey di “Tishas” or “Prishas” rite. Di book diskribe di Tisha as pesin wey don bi Israel king for Jerusalem before and wey bi David pikin. Dis two tins show sey di pesin na from royal family and na Solomon. Di sayin, “Evritin dey yuzles! Yes, evritin really dey yuzles” wey dem repeat many times, dey warn us sey nor-tin really dey last or fit satisfy us for dis life. Di book make us si some important tins and ask kweshons about life. Like wen di tisha sey wetin don bend nor go dey strait again, e dey remind us sey e hard to ripair wetin don spoil. So to make tins rite and to do good tins again, naim bi di big lesin for di book. Aldo, di tisha nor tell us about wetin God dey do to save di world, all wetin e dey tok about na sey God dey mighty and naim bi Oga ova evritin and na awa duty to follow di korrect way just as God tok am, bikos God go judge evribody afta dem live dia life.
Life Dey Yuzles
Na King David pikin, Solomon, wey dey rule Jerusalem, rite dis words.
Evritin Dey Yuzles
Di tisha sey, “Evritin dey yuzles!
Yes, evritin really dey yuzles!”
Wetin pipol dey gain from all di hard work
wey dem dey do for dis world?
Wen one generashon kom, di one wey dey before go-go,
but di world nor dey shange.
Di sun dey raiz-up and down,
den e go hurry go anoda place where e go for raiz again.
Breeze dey blow go sout and nort.
Yes! E dey blow round like circol.
Even as wota dey flow enter sea rish,
di sea nor dey ever full,
bikos, na from where di wota from kom,
na der dem go rush go again.
All dis tins dey taya pesin and nobody fit shange or tok as dem bi:
No matter wetin wi dey si and hear,
awa eyes still won si and awa ear still won hear more.
Wetin don happen before, go happen again
and wetin pipol don do before,
dem go do am again,
bikos nor-tin dey new for dis world.
10 E get anytin for dis world wey fit make pesin sey,
“Kom si o-o! Dis one neva happen before o-o”?
But di trut bi sey, e don happen even
before dem born us.
11 Wi nor dey remember wetin don happen before and for di next generashon,
nobody go remember wetin wi dey do naw.
12 Mi wey dey tish una, I bi king for Israel and I stay for Jerusalem 13 and I make up my mind to search and undastand evritin wey pipol don do for dis world. But I kon si sey, God don really give us betta work to do for dis world. 14 As I tink about evritin wey human being dey do for dis world, I kon sey: Evritin dey yuzles; e just bi like sey pesin dey porshu breeze.
15 Wetin bend, wi nor go fit strait am
and wetin nor dey, wi nor go fit provide am.
16 Den I tell mysef, “Na mi wise pass evry oda king wey don rule for Jerusalem before mi. Bikos I get wisdom and undastandin wey dem nor get.” 17 So I kon gri to find out wetin wisdom, madness and foolishness bi. But e klear sey, na breeze I just dey porshu,
18 bikos di more I dey find out,
di more e dey worry mi well-well,
bikos plenty wisdom dey bring plenty wahala too.
So di more yu know,
di more yu dey kause wahala for yorsef.