Advise For Kings
Na di words wey King Lemuel mama tish am, bi dis.
My pikin wey I born;
my son wey I dedikate give God,
make yu nor waste yor strent dey follow wimen;
bikos dem dey distroy kings.
Lemuel, my pikin!
E nor good make king dey drink wine
and make rulers too,
nor dey take strong drink.
Bikos wen dem drink,
dem fit forget di laws kon dey opress poor pipol.
Strong drink na for pipol wey dey won die
and wine na for doz wey dia heart heavy.
So allow dem drink forget dia poverty
and dem nor go remember dia trobol again.
Make yu tok for doz wey nor fit tok for demsef;
make yu judge well for doz wey dem dey opress.
Yes! Tok well for doz wey dem dey opress and for poor pipol,
den make sure sey dem give dem korrect judgement.
Good Wife
10 Who go fit find wife wey get good karata?
Good wife betta pass gold.
11 En husband go trust am,
bikos di wife go support am for evritin wey e dey do.
12 Na only good tins e go bring for en husband evritime
and bad tins nor dey join.
13 E dey always dey do business;
e dey make wool and linen klot.
14 E bi like ship for river,
wey dey karry food kom from far place.
15 E dey kwik wake-up for morning to make food for en family
kon tell en savants wetin dem go do.
16 E go-go look land kon buy am and e go use di money wey e get,
take plant tins for der.
17 E get pawa, dey strong
and dey work hard.
18 E know di value for evritin wey e dey make
and e dey work go rish nite.
19 Na only en dey use tread
and nidol take sew en own klot.
20 E dey always give tins to poor pipol
and to doz wey know get at-all.
21 E nor dey worry if kold dey,
bikos en family get klot wey go make dem warm.
22 Na en dey make en own bed shit
and e dey wear fine klot wey dem make with purpol linen.
23 Pipol know en husband well-well and dem dey respet am,
bikos e dey sidan with di oda eldas, dey take decision.
24 E dey make klot and belt
kon sell dem give tradas.
25 E dey strong; dem dey respet am
and e nor dey fear wetin go happen for future.
26 E dey tok with betta sense
and wisdom full en mout.
27 E always dey busy
and e dey make sure sey evritin go well for en family.
28 En shidren value am and dem dey tank en and en husband.
Dem dey always praiz am.
29 En husband go sey, “Many wimen na good wifes to dia husband,
but yu betta pass all of dem.”
30 Gold dey deceive pipol and beauti dey disappear,
but make pipol praiz woman wey dey honor and fear God.
31 Make una reward am for evritin wey e dey do
and evribody must praiz am for di town.