Di Words Wey Agur Tok
Dis na wetin Agur wey bi Jakeh pikin tell Itiel, Ukal and Itiel:
“I dey foolish pass any oda man
and I nor get sense like oda pipol.
I neva learn how to get wisdom
and I nor know anytin about God.
Who don go heaven kom back?
Who don ever katch breeze for en hand or wrap wota for klot?
Who kreate di whole world?
Na who e bi and na wetin bi en pikin name?
Make yu tell mi, if yu know!
“Evritin wey God tok, dey korrect. E dey guide evribody wey kom meet am make E protet dem. Make yu nor add join God word, if not, E go curse and koll yu lie-lie pesin.
More Proverbs
“My God, I beg Yu for two tins and make Yu give dem to mi, before I die. Di first one na: Help mi make I nor dey lie and deceive pipol and di sekond one na, make Yu nor make mi too rish or too poor! Make yu give mi di tins wey go rish mi use. Bikos if I too get money, I fit deny Yu sey, ‘Who bi God?’ And if I too poor, I go fit go tif kon bring shame for yor holy name.
10 “Make yu nor ever spoil worker give en oga, bikos if di pesin curse yu, di curse go follow yu forever.
11 “Some pipol dey curse dia papa and some nor dey tank dia mama.
12 “Dem bilive sey dem dey good for dia own eye, but dem dirty pass rag.
13 “Dem dey karry body as dem dey waka, so dat pipol go dey look dem anyhow.
14 “Dia tit bi like swod and dia mout sharp like knife. Dem dey distroy poor pipol komot from dis eart and pipol wey nor get food to chop, dem dey kill dem trowey.
15 “Worm get two side wey dey sey: ‘Give mi, Give mi.’
“E get three tins wey nor dey beleful at-all and di fourt one nor dey ever sey: ‘E don do or e don rish.’ Dem bi:
16 “Grave,
belle wey neva karry pikin,
wildaness wey dry
and fire wey dey burn well-well.
17 “Di mout wey dey laf en papa and nor dey obey en mama kommand, bird from valley go plok am komot and vulture go chop am finish.
18 “E get four tins wey dey hard mi well-well to undastand and dem bi:
19 “ ‘How eagle take dey fly high-high for sky?
How snake take dey waka for rock?
How ship take dey move for river
and how man take dey love woman?’
20 “Ashawo woman wey sleep with anoda man fit kill pesin, afta e go klean en mout kon sey, ‘Na wish bad tin I do?’
21 “E get four tins wey dey shake di eart and make pipol fear and dem bi:
22 “ ‘Savant wey turn to king;
fool wey leta get money well-well;
23 woman wey pipol nor like wey kon marry
and savant girl wey kon take en madam pozishon.’
24 “E get four tins for eart wey small, but dem wise well-well and dem bi:
25 “ ‘Ants; dem nor strong,
but dem dey keep food wait dry sizin.
26 Even small animals wey dey stay for rock,
dem nor get pawa,
but dem dey build dia house for hole inside di rock.
27 Lokust; dem nor get king,
but dem dey mash togeda.
28 Lizard, dem dey eazy to katch,
but dem even dey stay for king palis.’
29 “E get four tins wey dey waka with pride and dem bi:
30 “ ‘Lion wey bi animals king wey
nor dey run for anytin.
31 Man fawol and man goat
wey dey lead di odas
and king wey en sojas surround am.’
32 “If yu don do foolish tins bikos yu dey proud or dey plan evil, make yu kover yor mout with shame. 33 Just as cream dey bring butter wen dem shake am and nose wey dem nak dey bring blood, na so too, to make pesin vex, dey kause wahala.”