If yu nor dey gri take korreshon,
one day yu go fall and yu nor go fit stand again.
Make yu show mi good ruler
and I go show yu happy pipol.
Make yu show mi wiked ruler
and I go show yu pipol wey dey komplain.
If yu value wisdom, yor papa go dey proud of yu,
but na foolish tin to spend money for ashawo.
With betta judgement, king dey make en kingdom strong,
but king wey like money well-well, dey skata en throne.
Pesin wey dey praiz en neighbour anyhow,
dey set trap for dem.
Di sin wey evil pipol kommit dey put dem for trobol,
but honest pipol, dey-dey happy and free.
Good pesin know wetin bi poor pipol own,
but wiked pipol nor fit undastand tins like dat.
Pipol wey nor get respet for odas, go fit kause konfushon for di whole town,
but wise pipol dey keep tins to demsef.
Wen wise pesin take foolish pesin go kourt,
di foolish pesin go only dey shaut and tok anyhow,
but e nor go dey happy.
10 Pipol wey dey kill pipol nor like anybody wey dey tok trut,
but good pipol go protet di pesin life.
11 Stupid pipol dey show dia vexnashon for publik,
but pipol wey get sense, dey-dey patient and kontrol demsef.
12 If ruler dey listin to lie-lie word,
den all en ofisas go dey plan wiked tins.
13 Just as God give eye to poor pesin,
na so too E give eye to pesin wey dey opress oda pipol.
14 If king dey defend poor pipol,
e go rule tey well-well.
15 To dey beat and korrect shidren, good well-well,
bikos if dem dey do anytin wey dem like,
dem go make shame katch dia mama.
16 Wen wiked pipol dey rule,
many bad-bad tins dey inkrease,
but good pipol go dey alive
to si di way doz wiked pipol go take fall.
17 Korrect yor shidren and yu go dey proud of dem,
bikos dem nor go make yu shame at-all.
18 Wen pipol nor follow God way, dem dey waka anyhow,
but pipol wey dey obey God law,
na happiness bi dia own!
19 Pesin nor fit korrect en savant with just ordinary word,
bikos even doh dem undastand am,
dem nor go do wetin e tok.
20 Yu don si pesin wey dey tok anyhow?
Even fools get hope pass am.
21 If yu give yor savant evritin wey dem wont from small kom,
one day, dem go take evritin wey yu get.
22 Pesin wey get hot tempa dey kause kworel
and pesin wey dey kwik vex, dey sin well-well.
23 Pesin pride go distroy am,
but if e dey honbol, pipol go respet am.
24 Pesin wey bi tif patina nor like en life,
bikos even doh e know di trut, e don swear sey e nor go tok.
25 E dey bad to borda yorsef about wetin pipol dey tink about yu,
but if yu trust God, yu go dey save.
26 Evribody wont make king favor dem,
but na only God dey give korrect judgement.
27 Good pipol nor like doz wey dey do wiked tins
and wiked pipol nor like good pipol.