Wise Pesin Work
Put yor money for betta business
and e nor go tey before yu go bigin gain am.
But e betta if yu put am for many business,
bikos yu nor know where wahala go from kom.
If wota full di kloud,
den rain must surely fall
for di eart and weda tree fall go nort or sout,
di tree must stay for where e fall put.
Any farmer wey dey wait for betta weda,
nor go ever plant seed
and if e dey look di kloud to know weda rain go fall,
e nor go ever harvest wetin e plant.
Just as yu nor go fit undastand how breeze dey blow
or how pikin take dey grow for en mama belle,
na so too yu nor go fit undastand
how God take make evritin.
So, make yu go plant yor seed for morning
and nor stop to work until evening;
bikos yu nor know di one wey yu do wey go bring gain for yu;
weda na dis one, dat one or di two.
Live Life Well
Lite sweet well-well
and e dey good to si anoda new day.
So if pesin get long life,
make e dey happy as e dey live di life.
But make e still know sey, di days wey darkness go dey,
many well-well and evritin wey go still happen, dey yuzles.
Fear God Kon Enjoy Life
Yong man, make yu happy as yu dey yong!
Make yu enjoy evry minute for dis life
and do evritin wey yu won do;
but remember sey yu go tell God evritin wey yu dey do.
10 So, anytin wey go make yu sin, make yu remove dem from yor mind,
so dat yor body go dey strong, bikos yong life na for enjoyment.
But remember sey yu nor go yong forever o-o.