Fear God naw
So, make yu remember and honor di Pesin wey kreate yu
naw wen yu still dey yong,
bikos wen yu don old, yu go sey,
“Life nor sweet again.”
Remember am before di sun, moon and stars go dark
and before kloud disappear wen rain don fall finish.
Remember am before doz wey dey guide yor house bigin shake with fear.
Dat time, yor strong men go don dey weak.
Make yu remember am naw,
before yor tit go pul finish
and yor eyes nor go fit si well again.
Remember am naw,
before life opportunity door go klose
and work nois go fade komot yor ear.
Naw, yu dey wake-up with bird nois,
but den, all di sound go dey komot small-small from yor ear.
Remember am naw,
before yu go kon dey fear to klimb high place
or to waka for road;
den yor hair go don turn white like almond tree wey dey shine
and yu go hardli fit karry yorsef just like grasshoppa wey dey die;
den all di mind to dey sleep with woman or man,
go vanish and small time,
yu go-go yor final resting place,
den pipol go mourn for di street for yu.
Yes! Make yu remember di Pesin wey kreate yu naw wen yu dey yong,
before di silva shain go kut and di gold lamp go fall break.
Nor wait until di wota pot go skata
or di rope for di well go kut.
By den, yor body go-go back to groun where e from kom,
while di spirit go-go back go meet God wey bin gi-am to yu.
So di tisha sey, “Evritin dey yuzles.
Yes! Dem yuzles well-well.”
Nor bi sey na only sense di tisha get, but e still dey tish di pipol how to get wisdom. E take en time take tish and show dem many proverbs. 10 Di tisha kon try to find good words wey go make us know di trut; 11 bikos word wey wise pesin tok, bi like di sharp stik wey shepad dey use and wise words bi like word wey dem nail well for wall and na God bi di Shepad wey give us all dis tins.
Fear God And Obey En Kommand
12 But my pikin, make I warn yu: nor add join dis words; bikos pipol go still dey rite many book and too mush readin, go make yu kwik old.
13 So, since yu don hear evritin,
dis na my last advise:
“Make yu fear God and obey all en kommands,
bikos na wetin man suppose do, bi dat.”
14 For evritin wey wi dey do, make wi know sey God go judge us;
even di ones wey wi do for sekret,
weda dem dey good or bad.