Song of Songs
For Middle East, wen pipol won marry, di man and di woman go dress like king and kween. Some of di tins wey dem dey do na to sing some special songs wey tok about how di wife to bi and di husband to bi, beautiful or fine rish. Di Songs of Songs bi love songs wey dem gada togeda. Song of Songs fit bi sey King Solomon wey sabi kompose songs (1 Kings 4:29-34), naim rite dem. But e fit still bi sey all di songs na to show how King Solomon glory shine rish.
Di arrangement of di songs tell di story about one man and di woman wey e won marry and diskribe dia marriage like royal marriage and how dem start dia life togeda. Afta dis introdushon, di book get six parts and each part end with story about di man and di woman friend. Oda pipol still kom follow dem celebrate durin di marriage ceremony. All di songs tok about how marriage life and love between man and woman suppose bi, as God kreate am.
Dis na Solomon love song.
Di Woman
Yes! Make yu kiss mi well-well,
bikos to sleep with yu sweet pass wine.
Si as yor perfume dey scent well-well
and yor name bi like di perfume wey fine pass.
No wonder wimen love yu well-well!
Draw mi follow yu! Make wi kwik komot here!
Make di king take mi go en room.
Awa king, wi dey happy well-well,
bikos of yu and wi like yor love pass wine.
Yes, di yong wimen dey honor yu
and dat na di rite tin to do.
Jerusalem wimen,
I bi black and fine woman;
I black like Kedar and Solomon tents.
So make una nor dey look mi anyhow
bikos sun don make my skin black.
My brodas dey vex for mi, so dem kon force mi dey work for farm
and bikos of dat, I nor fit kare for my body.
My love, make yu tell mi!
Na where yu won go feed yor animals today?
Where yor sheep dem go for rest dis aftanoon?
Make yu tell mi, if not I go dey waka up-and-down
like ashawo for where yor friends and dia animals dey!
Di Man
My woman!
Di one wey fine pass among wimen!
If yu dey find mi, make yu follow my animals
footstep rish where I dey
kon kare for yor small goats near di shepad tent.
My love, yu bi like woman horse for where Fero man horse dem dey.
10 Yor face dey shine well-well, bikos of di oil wey dem take rub am
and di difren shains wey yu wear, don make yor neck fine too.
11 So, wi go make gold ear-ring
and silva beads for yu.
Di Woman
12 As di king sidan for en tabol where e for dey do party,
my perfume smell kon make am dey happy.
13 As my love put en head on-top my breast thru-out di nite,
en whole body kon dey smell like myrrh.
14 My love bi like Henna flower
wey dey shine well-well for En-Gedi Field.
Di man
15 Si as my darlin fine well-well,
make yu si as yu fine rish!
Yor eyes bi like dove own!
Di Woman
16 Yes! Yu too fine my love and I dey happy to always dey with yu.
Na di grass go bi awa bed
17 and na cedar wi go take design awa house
kon build di roof with Cypress tree.