Paul Leta To
Dis book na leta wey Paul rite to di Christians for Efesus. Paul stay with and tish dem for ova 2 years (Acts 19:10). By di time e leave dem go oda place, di relashonship between en and di pipol for di church don strong well-well. Before Paul komot, e kon appoint some mature bilivers among dem (wey e koll overseers) to lead dem.
For dis leta, Paul esplain di new life wey dey inside Jesus Christ and how di new way bi. E also tok sey di Church naim bi di new kommunity wey God form to help us undastand wetin E get in mind for humanbin. Paul still tell dem sey Christians dey always face spiritual, so dem must take God word as dia weapon, so dem go fit fight and win Satan for di war.
I Salot
Dis leta na from Paul, wey bi Jesus Christ apostle, bikos na so God wont am. I dey rite to God pipol wey dey for Efesus, di ones wey dey follow Jesus Christ with faith. Make di grace and peace wey dey kom from God awa papa and from awa Oga God Jesus Christ, dey with una.
Spiritual Blessing
I bless God wey bi awa Oga God Jesus Christ Papa; wey don bless us with difren spiritual blessing from heaven, bikos of Christ. Before God kreate di world, E choose us thru Christ bikos E love us, so dat for en front, wi nor go get any fault and wi go dey holy. Before, God don already decide thru Jesus Christ sey, wi go bi en shidren, bikos na so E wont am. So, make all praiz and glory bi en own, bikos of en free grace wey E give us, thru en pikin wey E love well-well. Na thru Christ blood wi take get salvashon and na dis blood make God dey forgive us awa sins, bikos en grace big well-well. Di grace wey E give us, get plenty wisdom, sense and undastandin. E do like dis wen E show us di sekret plan wey E get and di good mind wey E show evribody, thru Christ. 10 God go komplete en plan wen di time don rish, den E go gada evritin wey dey heaven and eart togeda under Christ, wey bi di head. 11 All tins dey happen as God wont am and thru Christ, E choose us to bi en own pipol, bikos na so E plan am from di time wen E kreate di world, 12 so dat wi wey first bilive Christ, go dey gi-am praiz and glory. 13 Since una don hear di trut kon bilive Christ, God don give una di Holy Spirit as special mark to show sey naim get una. 14 God deposit dis Holy Spirit for di tins wey wi go inherit, until di time wen E go save en pipol, so dat all praiz and glory go bi en own.
Wisdom And Revelashon
15 So, since I hear about una faith for Christ and how una love all God pipol, 16 I nor dey stop to tank God for una, wen ever I dey pray. 17 I pray make God, awa Oga God Jesus Christ Papa wey get glory, give una spiritual wisdom and revelashon, wey go make una know am well-well. 18 Una eye don open to undastand di grace wey God koll una kom enter and una don si how di blessing wey E promise en pipol, plenty rish. 19 Una don si how en pawa big rish, bikos una bilive am. Dis na di pawa wey dey do big-big tins for us. 20 E show dis pawa thru Christ, wen E raiz am from deat, kon make am sidan for en rite hand for heaven; 21 di place wey far well-well, wey high pass where wiked pipol dey rule; wey strong pass evry pawa wey dey dis world; big pass evry name wey dey for dis world and di ones wey dey kom. 22 God put evritin under Christ leg kon make am head for di church and Oga God for evritin. 23 Na di church bi Christ body and naim dey make evritin for evriwhere full and komplete.