Dis book esplain wetin make Judah pipol start to celebrate one feast wey dem dey koll Purim for di time wey Persia pipol dey rule dem. Moses law don already tok about how God mighty pawa help dem do tins like di Passova and Tabanako. Dis book show how God take kon save Jew pipol again.
Dis story happen wen Persia king wey bi Atazazes (as in Atazazes di first wey rule from 486-465 before Christ kom) dey rule. Di book tok about all di tins wey one Jew woman Estha and en kousin Mordekai (wey dey guide am) do. Dem two kom back from Babilon and dem help to save Jew pipol wen dia enemies dey plan to kill dem. Even doh di story nor ever menshon God by en name, wi still si as God protet and guide en pipol wen all dis tins dey happen.
Di book tok about some party, just like di two party wey Atazazes do for di biginnin, two wey Estha tok about and di two wey Jew pipol celebrate at di end wen dem dey tank God. Even wen dem tell dis story to di next generashon, di main story na Estha own. So doz wey dey read di book nor dey only celebrate sey God safe Jew pipol, but dem go nid to ask demsef, just as Mordekai ask Estha about di main purpose wey make God bring dem kom dis life or put dem for di pozishon wey dem dey.
Di Party
Dis tin happen for di time wey King Zazes dey rule. (I dey tok about di Zazes wey rule more dan 127 kountries, from India go rish Ethiopia). For dat time, King Zazes dey rule en kingdoms from en throne for Shushan and for di third year wen e dey rule, e kon do party for all en ofisas and savants. Di sojas for Persia and Media dey der too, with di ofisas and strong men for di kountries.
E show dem di propaty wey e get and how en kingdom go big rish forever and na one hundred and eight days e take do di party! Wen doz days don komplete, di king do party for all di men wey dey Shushan, both di senior and di junior workers. Dem use seven days take do di party for di royal palis gardin. Na white and blue curtain wey dem tie with fine purpol linen with silva ring and betta stones, dem take dekorate di kourtyard. Dem put tins wey dem make with gold and silva, for di kourtyard groun wey dem design with white, red, blue and black stones. Na gold cup dem take serve drinks and all di cup get difren design. Di king give dem enough royal wine. Di drinks many well-well; di king don orda en savant sey make evribody chop and drink until dem taya or beleful.
Inside di royal palis, Kween Vashti sef dey do party for di wimen.
10 For di sevent day for di party, di king spirit kon high well-well bikos of di wine wey e drink, so e tell seven of en pesinal savant: Mehuman, Bigta, Harbona, Bizta, Abagta, Zetar and Karkas, 11 sey make dem go bring Kween Vashti and make e wear en royal crown. Di kween fine well-well and di king won use am take make yanga for en ofisas and doz wey e invite. 12 But wen di savant tell di kween wetin di king kommand, e nor gri kom. Dis tin kon make di king vex well-well.
13 So di king kon ask di wise men wey know about matter wey koncern dia law and rule, bikos e dey always ask dem for advise. 14 Di pipol wey e dey always koll for advise na: Karshena, Shetar, Admata, Tarshish, Meres, Marsena and Memukan and dem bi seven ofisas for Persia and Media wey get di highest pozishon for di kingdom.
15 E tell di men, “Mi, King Zazes send my savant go koll Kween Vashti, but di kween nor gri kom! Wetin di law sey make wi do to am?”
16 Den Memukan tell di king and en ofisas: “Kween Vashti nor only curse di king, but e don curse en ofisas, In-short, e don curse di whole kingdom! 17 Evry woman for di kingdom nor go kon dey respet dia husband again wons dem hear sey, ‘King Zazes koll Kween Vashti make e kom meet am, but di kween nor gri go.’ 18 And before today go end, di ofisas for Persia and Media wifes go hear dis tin wey Kween Vashti do so and dem nor go ever respet and fear dia husband again.
19 “So if my king go like am, make yu kommand sey make Vashti nor ever kom near di king again. Make yu let us rite am put for Persia and Media law, so dat dem nor go ever fit shange am. Den yu go give en place as kween to anoda betta woman. 20 Wen di whole kingdom don know wetin yu do, evry woman go trit en husband with respet, weda e get money or e nor get.”
21 Di King and en ofisas like wetin Memukan tok kon do am. 22 E send message go all di kingdoms for Persia and Media sey evry husband must bi di head for en house and na wetin e tok, dem must obey.