Nehemaya Shange Some tins
Wen dem dey read Moses law give di pipol, dem kon rish di place wey sey make dem nor allow any Ammon or Moab pesin join God pipol. And dis na bikos Ammon and Moab pipol nor gri give Israel pipol food or wota drink wen dem dey komot from Egypt. Instead, dem give Balaam money make e curse Israel, but awa God turn di curse to blessing. Wen Israel pipol hear dat part for di law, dem nor kon add all di strenjas for di town join.
Before dis time, Priest Eliashib wey bi Tobaya broda, dey kare for di temple store room. E build one big room where dem bin dey keep korn ofrins and incense, di tins wey dem dey use for di temple, di ofrin wey bi priests own and one from evry ten tins wey pipol bring from dia korn, wine and olive oil wey dem give Levi pipol and doz wey dey guide and sing for di temple.
I nor dey Jerusalem wen dis tins dey happen, so for di thirty-two years wen Atazazes bi king for Babilon, I kon go ripot gi-am. Afta sometaim, e permit mi and I kon go back to Jerusalem. I shok wen I si sey Eliashib allow Tobaya dey use one room for di temple. I vex well-well kon trowey Tobaya tins for outside. I kon orda sey make dem do sakrifice take santify di room and make dem put di temple tins, korn ofrins and incense back for der.
10 I still hear sey, doz wey dey sing for di temple and some among Levi pipol don leave Jerusalem kon go back to dia farms, bikos di pipol nor dey give dem food. 11 So I kworel with di leaders kon ask dem, “Wetin make una forget God Temple?” Den I go bring Levi pipol and doz wey dey sing kom back to di temple, so dat dem go start dia work again.
12 Den Israel pipol kon start to dey bring one out of evry ten korn, wine and olive oil kom di temple store room again. 13 So I kon put dis men make dem dey guide di store room and dem bi, Shelemaya wey bi priest; Zadok wey know di law well-well and Pedaaya wey kom from Levi family. Hanan wey Matanaya pikin Zakkur born, na-im dey help dem. I know sey I go fit trust dis men wen dem dey share di tins give di pipol wey dey follow dem work.
14 My God, make Yu remember all dis tins wey I don do for yor temple and for yor work.
15 For dat time, I si pipol for Judah dey make juice from grapes for Sabat Day. While some dey load korn, wine, grapes, figs and oda tins on-top dia donkey kon take dem go Jerusalem. So I warn dem sey make dem nor sell anytin for Sabat Day. 16 Some men wey kom from Tyre town dey stay for Jerusalem and dem bring difren tins kom di town kon sell for awa pipol for Sabat Day. 17 I kworel with di Jew leaders kon tell dem, “Si di kind bad tin wey una dey do! Una nor wont make di Sabat Day dey holy. 18 Na dis tin make God ponish una grand-grand papa dem kon distroy di town. Yet una still dey won make God vex well-well for Israel, bikos una nor dey make di Sabat Day holy.”
19 So I kon give orda sey make dem dey lock di town gate for morning go rish evening for evry Sabat Day and make dem nor open am until dat day finish. I put some among my men for di gate, make dem make sure sey dem nor karry anytin enter or go outside di town for Sabat Day. 20 One or two time, pipol wey dey sell difren tins dey sleep outside di town. 21 So I warn dem, “No nid to dey wait for outside till morning. If una try am again, I go ponish una.” From dat time go, dem nor kon dey kom der for Sabat Day. 22 I give orda sey make Levi pipol go santify demsef, den kon guide di gate to make sure sey dem keep di Sabat Day holy.
My Oga God, make Yu still remember mi kon save mi, bikos of yor great love.
23 For dat time, I notis sey many among Jew men marry wimen from Ashdod, Ammon and Moab town. 24 Half of dia shidren dey speak Ashdod language (or some oda language), but dem nor fit speak Hibru language. 25 I kworel, curse, slap and pul di men hair. Den I make dem swear with God name sey dem and dia shidren nor go ever marry from anoda kountry. 26 I still tell dem, “Na wimen from anoda kountry make King Solomon sin. Dis man great pass any of di king for oda nashons. God love am kon make am king ova Israel pipol, yet e still kommit sin. 27 So e good make wi dey hear all dis una wiked tins and how una disobey awa God and marry wimen from oda kountries?”
28 Naw, Eliashib wey bi di priest born Joiada, but one for Joiada pikin marry Sanballat dota, wey kom from Bet-Horon town, so I sey make Joiada komot from Jerusalem.
29 My God, make Yu remember dem, bikos dem don spoil di priests work and break di priest and Levi pipol kovenant.
30 So I santify di pipol from evry strenj tin kon tell di priests and Levi pipol wetin dem go do. 31 I still provide di wood wey dem go use take burn di ofrin for di rite time and for di first korn and fruit.
My God, I beg, make Yu remember mi for good and bless mi.