Jew Pipol
For dat same day, King Zazes give Kween Estha all di propaty wey Haman, Jew pipol enemy, get. Estha tell di king sey Mordekai rilate to am and from dat day go, Mordekai kon dey enter di palis as e like. Den di king remove en ring (di one wey e take back from Haman) kon gi-am to Mordekai. And Estha sey make Mordekai kare for Haman propaty. Leta, Estha kon knee down dey kry as e dey beg di king make e do sometin about di wiked tin wey Haman, wey kom from Agag, plan for Jew pipol. Di king stresh en gold rod for Estha, so e get up kon sey, “If di king like and kare about mi and if e dey good for yor eye, make yu kommand yor ofisas make dem nor do di tins wey Haman, Hammedata pikin, from Agag, rite about all di Jew pipol for di kingdom. Bikos how I wont take stay, if dis tin happen and dem kon kill all my pipol?”
So King Zazes tell Estha and Mordekai sey, “Make una si, I don already give Haman propaty to Estha and dem don hang am, bikos of en wiked plan against Jew pipol. But di pipol must do wetin dem kommand and stamp with di king name. Yu fit rite anytin wey yu like go give Jew pipol kon stamp am with di royal stamp with my name.”
Dis tin happen for di twenteth day for di third mont wey bi Sivan. Mordekai koll di king seketry and dem take all di leta wey Mordekai rite go give Jew pipol, ofisas and di govnor for di 127 aria for di kingdom wey start from India go rish Kush. Dem rite dis kommand go give di pipol for dia aria akordin to di language wey dem dey speak. 10 Mordekai rite am with King Zazes name kon stamp am with di king ring, den e send dem thru messenjas wey sabi ride horse fast-fast.
11 Di king give Jew pipol for di town, di pawa to gada and protet demsef, so dat dem nor go fit distroy and kill dem. Dem fit fight anybody wey won kon attack dem kon pak dia propaty. 12 Na di thirtint day for di twelft mont wey bi Adar, na-im dem choose for Jew pipol to do dis tin for King Zazes kingdom. 13 Dem sey make dem read one kopy for di law for evry aria give all di pipol, so dat Jew pipol go dey ready for dat day, to fight dia enemies.
14 Di messenjas wey dey ride di king horse kon go with di king law. And na for Shushan wey bi di main town dem for read di law.
15 Mordekai wear royal garment wey dem make with purpol and white, with one fine crown kon komot from di king present. 16 Jew pipol kon dey happy well-well and belle sweet dem. 17 For evry aria for di kingdom where dem for read di kommand, di Jew pipol for der go take holy day kon do party with happiness. In-short, many pipol kon turn to Jew, bikos dem dey fear di Jew dem naw.