Jew Pipol Win Dia Enemies
Wen di thirtint day for di twelft mont (wey bi Adar mont) rish, di day wey dem suppose do wetin di king tok. Na dis day Jew enemies tink sey dem go distroy Jew pipol finish. Instead na Jew pipol kon distroy dia enemies. For anywhere wey Jew pipol dey start for di town, dem kon gada demsef to fight anybody wey won fight dem. Pipol for evriwhere dey fear dem and nobody gri near dem at-all. All di oga for di arias, di shiefs, di govnors and doz wey dey work for di king kon dey assist Jew pipol, bikos dem dey fear Mordekai. Dem kon know Mordekai for evriwhere, bikos en pawa for di palis, dey strong evriday.
So Jew pipol attack all dia enemies with swod kon kill dem well-well. Dem do wetin dem like with dia enemies. Jew pipol kill five hundred men inside Shushan wey bi di main town. Dem still kill Parshandata, Dalfon, Aspatah, Porata, Adalia, Aridatah, Parmashta, Arisai, Aridai, and Vaizata. 10 Dis na Haman wey Hammedata born, wey bi Jew pipol enemy, ten sons. But even as Jew pipol dey do all dis tins, dem nor ever tif or karry any propaty.
11 For dat same day, dem kon go tell di king about di pipol wey dem kill for Shushan. 12 Den di king tell Kween Estha, “For only Shushan, Jew pipol don kill five hundred men and Haman ten sons! How many dem go don kill for oda aria? So wetin yu still wont? Make yu tell mi and I go do am for yu.”
13 Estha ansa, “If di king go agri, tumoro, make Jew pipol for Shushan still do wetin dem do today kon hang Haman ten sons body.”
14 Di king kon orda sey make dem do am and dem read di law for Shushan, den dem hang Haman sons body. 15 For di fourteent day for di twelft mont wey bi Adar, Jew pipol wey dey Shushan kon gada go kill anoda three hundred pipol for di town, but dem nor tosh or tif dia propaty.
16 Di Jew pipol for di oda aria still gada defend demsef kon kill 75,000 of dia enemies, but dem nor tif or karry dia propaty. 17 Dis tin happen for di thirtint day for di twelft mont wey bi Adar. Den, dem stop to kill for di fourteent day kon do party.
Purim Feast
18 Di Jew pipol for Shushan kon rest for di Fifteent day, bikos dem take di thirtint and fourteent day take kill dia enemies.
19 Dis na why Jew pipol wey dey stay small-small town dey celebrate di fourteent day for di twelft mont wey bi Adar mont, as betta holy day to give gift, food and oda betta tins.
20 Mordekai rite dis tins kon send am to all Jew pipol wey dey di kingdom, weda dem dey near or far sey, 21 “For evry year, make una take holy day and celebrate for di fourteent and Fifteent day for Adar, wey bi di twelft mont, 22 bikos na doz days Jew pipol take win dia enemies. Na den dia problem and wahala turn to smile and happiness.” Doz days go bi wen Jew pipol free diasef from dia enemies, so dem go share gifts among demsef and dash poor pipol gifts too.
23 So Jew pipol obey Mordekai and dis celebrashon kon bi tradishon. 24 Haman wey Hammedata from Agag born wey bi Jew pipol enemy, bin make plans to distroy Jew pipol. E don trow dice to choose day wen dem go kill and distroy dem. 25 But Estha go meet di king and di king give orda make Haman use en own head karry di wiked plan wey e make. So dem kon hang Haman and en sons. 26 Dis na why dem dey koll di holy day “Purim” wey mean, “To trow dice.” So, bikos of Mordekai leta and wetin don happen to dem, 27 Jew pipol kon make law for demsef, dia shidren-shidren and any oda pesin wey go turn to Jew sey, for di rite time for evry year, dem must observe dis two days akordin to wetin Mordekai rite. 28 Dem agri sey evribody wey bi Jew for di kingdom must obey dis kommand about “Purim” from one generashon go anoda.
29 Den Kween Estha wey bi Abihail dota, still support evritin wey Mordekai rite about “Purim.” 30 Dem send di kommand go give Jew pipol for di 127 aria wey King Zazes dey rule. Di kommand na to let Jew pipol know sey dem go get peace and dey save 31 and make dia shidren-shidren obey “Purim law” for di korrect time, just as dem dey follow di fasting and mourning laws. Na Mordekai and Kween Estha kommand dem like dis. 32 Evritin wey Estha kommand about Purim law, dem rite am for di offisial book.