Di Leta to
Nobody really know who rite dis book or who e rite am to. Di book show en sey main audience na Jew pipol wey dey stay for foreign kountries and dem bilive Jesus Christ. Dem bi pipol wey speak Greek as dia main language but wey dia faith for Jesus kon dey shake, bikos of di suffer wey dem dey esperience. Di book show how di new kovenant wey God bring thru Jesus Christ betta pass di former one wey Moses law tish. Di pesin wey rite am enkourage di bilivers sey make dem nor fear but make dem get faith for di life wey dey inside Jesus.
Di main kontribushon wey di book make to di New Testament bi sey, e show how Jesus Christ fulfil all di tins wey di Temple, sakrifice and priesthood for di Old Testament stand for. Doz tins na di shadow wey point to di real tins wey God plan for humanbin.
God Tok About En Pikin
Before-before, God tok to awa grand-grand papa dem for many ways, thru di profets, but naw, E dey tok to us thru en pikin wey get evritin and na thru am, E kreate di world. Na dis pikin bi God image and e dey show God glory. Naim dey keep evritin wey dey dis world with en pawa. Afta e don die make God for forgive evribody dia sins, e kon go sidan for God rite side for heaven. E big pass di angels, just as di name wey God gi-am big pass angels own too.
Di Pikin Big Pass Angels
Na wish angel God tell sey, “Yu bi my pikin, today I don bikom yor Papa?” Or as E tok for anoda place sey, “I go bi yor Papa and yu go bi my pikin?” But wen God won send en first-born enter dis world, E sey: “Make all my angels woship am.” God tok about di angels sey, “I make my angels and my savants spirit to dey burn like fire,” but koncerning en pikin, E sey:
“Yu bi God!
Yor kingdom go dey forever and ever
and yu go rule yor pipol with authority.
Yu love to do good and yu hate wikedness.
So God, wey bi yor God don anoint yu with oil
wey dey bring joy and E make yu dey above yor mates.”
10 E still tell di pikin sey:
“For di biginnin, na God kreate di eart
and na with en hand E take make di heavens.
11 Dem go skata, but God go dey forever.
All of dem go grow kon old like klot
12 and like klot and koat,
God go fold and shange dem,
but God nor dey shange and en life nor go ever end.”
13 Na wish angel God tell, “Sidan for my rite hand until I go put all yor enemies under yor leg?” 14 All di angels na savants and na dem God send go prish for pipol wey go get salvashon.