Korrect Salvashon
Make wi listin to wetin wi don hear, so dat wi nor go fall komot from di rite road. Bikos di message wey God tok thru en angels, na trut and anybody wey disobey di law, God go ponish am. Wetin make us sey wi go dey free if wi nor listin to dis korrect salvashon message? Na God first tok am and pipol wey hear am kon show us sey na trut. God use signs, mirakles and wetin di Holy Spirit do, take show sey, dia words na true.
Na Jesus Dey Save
God nor sey make en angels kontrol di world wey dey kom and wey wi dey tok about so. Instead, David tok for God word sey:
“Wetin human being bi
wey make yu dey kare for am
and who bi yor pikin
wey yu dey kare for like dis?
Aldo yu make angels high pass am small.
But yu kon gi-am honor and glory.
Yu don put evritin under am
sey make e kontrol dem.
Wen God sey na evritin E put under am,
E mean sey na evritin and nor-tin remain.”
And naw, wi neva si all dis tins dey happen, even doh wi si Jesus wey angels big pass small, e nor too tey before God gi-am glory and honor, bikos e sofa and die for evribody, just as God plan am. 10 Dis na true, bikos na from am and thru am evritin take kom dis life, so dat salvashon go dey korrect thru en sofa and e go karry many pipol enter en glory. 11 True-true, Jesus make pipol dey holy, so en and di pipol wey e make holy, na God kreate dem. Na dis make am nor dey shame to koll dem en brodas and sistas. 12 Jesus tell God sey, “I go announce yor name among pipol wey bilive and I go praiz yu for dia present. 13 Christ still sey, I go trust my God; both mi and di shidren wey E give mi.” 14 So as di shidren get flesh and blood, en too get flesh and blood like dem, so dat thru deat, e go fit distroy Satan wey get pawa to kill 15 and e go free pipol wey deat don whole. 16 Jesus dey koncern about Abraham shidren and nor bi only di angels. 17 So God make Christ like us wey bi en brodas and sistas. Like dis, Christ go sorry for us kon bi awa good High Priest. And bikos Christ dey koncern about God matter, e sakrifice ensef to remove awa sins. 18 Bikos Jesus sofa and devil tempt am, e don get pawa to save pipol wey devil dey tempt.