Israel Ponishment
“Israel pipol, make una stop to celebrate una festival
like doz wey nor know God.
Una don turn from una God
and nor dey faithful to am again.
Una don sell unasef give juju like ashawo
wey dey di land
and una love wetin una tink sey love una.
But very soon, una nor go get enough korn to chop
and olive oil and wine nor go dey again.
Israel pipol nor go stay for God land again,
but dem go-go back to Egypt,
den for Assyria, dem go chop food wey dem dey forbid.
Dem nor go fit offa wine ofrin or sakrifice give God for der.
Oga God nor go asept any of una sakrifice
bikos e go bi like food wey dem offa give dead body
and doz wey chop am, nor go dey klean.
Una go only dey chop am bikos of honga,
but make una nor bring any one kom God temple.
So na wetin una go do wen festival time rish?
How una go take do Oga God festival?
Even if dem eskape distroshon for Assyria,
Egypt sojas go kill dem
and Memfis pipol go beri dem.
Grass and shuku-shuku go grow
kover all di place where dia house and silva dey.
Di time to ponish Israel don rish;
di time wey pipol go get wetin dem deserve.
Dat time, Israel pipol go know wen e happen!
Una sey, ‘Dis profet na fool.
Dis man wey feel sey e know well-well,
dey kraze!’
Una hate mi well-well,
bikos una sin too many.
Na di profet dey wosh ova Israel for God.
But anywhere wey e go,
una dey won katch am like bird.
Even for God house, all di pipol hate am.
Just as dem sin for Gibeah,
na so too dia sin and wikedness dey bad rish.
God go remember dia sin kon ponish dem.”
Israel Sin
10 God sey,
“Wen I first si Israel,
e bi like wen yu si grape wey dey grow for desert.
Wen I first si una grand-grand papa dem,
e bi like wen yu first si ripe fig for en sizin.
But dem go meet Baal for Peor
kon dey woship am
and dem kon bi like di juju wey dem love.
11 Efraim greatness go fly komot like bird
and dem nor go born shidren.
Dia wimen nor go get belle at-all.
12 Even if dem born, I go kill di pikin.
Bad-bad tins go happen to dis pipol wen I don leave dem.”
13 Na for my present Israel pipol grow
until dem kom fine like Tyre.
But naw, only dem go use dia hand
bring dia shidren out kon kill dem.
14 Oga God, na wetin I won sey make Yu do to dis pipol?
Make dia wimen nor get belle at-all
and nor let dem train dia own shidren!
15 So God sey,
“All di bad tins wey dem dey do,
na Gilgal dem from start am
and na from der I start to hate dem kom.
I go drive dem komot from my land,
bikos of di evil wey dem do.
I nor go love dem again.
Yes! Even dia leaders don go against mi.
16 Efraim pipol go bi like plant wey en rut don dry
and nor dey bear fruit again.
Dem nor go get shidren and even if dem get,
I go kill di ones wey dem like pass.”
17 God wey I dey serve go rijet en pipol,
bikos dem nor gri listin to am
and dem go dey waka up-and-down for difren kountry.