Israel Pipol Dey Woship Juju
Israel pipol bi like grape vine wey grape full.
But di more dem dey prosper,
di more dem dey build juju altars.
Di more good-good tins dey happen for di town,
di more dem dey make and woship juju.
Na wikedness full di pipol heart,
so dem must sofa for dia sin.
God go distroy dia altar
kon skata all dia holy pilas.
Dis pipol go soon start to sey,
“Wi nor get king, bikos wi nor dey fear God.
But wetin king fit do for us sef?”
Na empty words dem dey tok
kon dey give lie-lie promise
and naw, just as dem turn field wey betta plant suppose grow
to where poizin grass full,
na so too dem don turn betta judgement
to bad one.
So, Samaria pipol go mourn for di juju wey Bet-Aven pipol.
Dem go kry, bikos dem go take di juju from dem
kon karry am go anoda land.
Dem go give di juju as gift to Assyria king.
Dem go disgrace and make Israel pipol shame,
bikos dem go follow juju.
Dem go karry dia king go like wood
wey wota float go.
Dem go skata di juju house on-top di hill
for Aven where Israel pipol for dey go woship am.
Shuku-shuku and grass go grow kover dia altars.
Di pipol go shaut koll di mountins sey,
“Make yu kom hide us!”
Dem go tell di hill,
“Make yu kom kover us!”
Oga God sey, “Israel pipol,
na since una dey Gibeah una dey sin kom rish naw
and una nor dey progress at-all.
Una nor si as dem kill
Gibeah wiked pipol for war?
10 So, I go attack and ponish dis pipol wey dey sin.
Difren kountry go gada against dem
and I go ponish dem, bikos of dia sins.
11 Israel pipol bi like yong melu wey dem train well before;
dem dey ready to separate di korn from di grass.
But I don make up my mind sey I go use rope
tie dia fine neck kon make dem do hard work.
I go make Judah and Israel pipol do strong-strong work.
12 I sey, ‘Make una plant raitiousness for unasef,
den una go harvest love wey nor dey end.
Make una klear new groun for unasef,
bikos dis na di time to turn kom meet mi,
so dat I go save una.’
13 But with evritin wey I tok,
una plant wikedness
kon harvest wetin una plant.
Una don chop di fruit
wey una lie-lie kause.
Bikos una trust una shariot
and di many sojas wey una get,
14 war go kom meet una
and all una strong house go skata.
Dat day go bi like wen King Shalman fight
and distroy Bet-Arbel town
kon kill both mama and dia shidren.
15 Bethel pipol, dat na wetin go happen to una,
bikos of di bad-bad tins wey una don do.
Wen dat day don kom, dem go distroy Israel king.