God Love En Pipol
“Na since wen Israel bi small pikin I love am
and I kon koll am komot from Egypt.
But di more I dey koll am,
di more e dey waka far from mi
kon dey do sakrifice and burn incense give juju.
Na mi tish Efraim how to waka.
I karry my pipol for my hand,
but dem nor know sey I kare for dem.
I draw dem near body with love and kindness.
I remove dia heavy load from dia head
kon bend down feed dem by mysef.
But dem nor gri kom back kon meet mi
and bikos of dat, dem must go back to Egypt
and Assyria pipol go rule dem by force.
War go kom dia towns
kon break and skata dia gates.
Enemies go distroy my pipol for where dem tink
sey nor-tin go fit happen to dem.
Dem don gri sey dem nor go turn kom meet mi.
Dem koll mi wey bi di Most High God,
but I nor go raiz dem up at-all.
Efraim pipol, how I won take leave or abandon una?
I nor fit distroy una just as I distroy Admah pipol
or trit una as I trit Zeboiim pipol?
My heart nor go let mi do am,
bikos di love wey I get for una, too strong.
I nor go ponish una, bikos I dey vex;
I nor go distroy Efraim again,
bikos I bi God and I nor bi man.
Mi wey dey holy, dey with una.
I nor go vex kom meet una.
10 I go shaut like lion kon fight my pipol enemies,
den my pipol go follow mi.
Dem go rush kom meet mi from west.
11 Dem go rush kom from Egypt like bird
and from Assyria like dove.
I go bring dem kom back to dia town again.
Mi, wey bi God, don tok.”
Israel and Judah Sin
12 Israel pipol surround mi with lie-lie;
na wayo full Efraim,
but Judah pipol still trust
and dey faithful to God wey dey holy.