God Judge Di Nashons
God sey, “Heaven na my throne
and na di eart I dey put my leg.
Wish kind house una go fit build for mi?
Wish kind place I go stay?
Na my hand I take make heaven and eart;
dem with evritin wey dey inside na my own.
Mi wey bi Oga God, don tok!
I go bless di pesin wey dey honbol
and dey ready to turn from sin kom meet mi;
pesin wey dey fear and obey mi.
Wiked pipol dey do tins for God like sey dem dey do am
give juju and dis kind tin dey make God vex for dem.
Weda dem kill melu as sakrifice,
dem go dey guilty like sey dem kill human being.
Even if dem sakrifice lamb,
e go bi like sey na dog dem sakrifice;
even if na rice dem present,
dem go dey guilty like sey dem offa pig blood as ofrin;
or if dem offa incense give God,
dem go still dey guilty like who offa am give juju,
bikos dis pipol don choose dia own way
and dem like di yeye tins wey dem dey do.
So, I go bring wahala and di tins wey dem dey fear,
bikos wen I koll, nobody ansa and wen I dey tok to dem,
nobody gri listin to mi.
Evritin wey dem do dey make mi vex
and dia ways nor bi my ways.”
Make una listin to wetin God tok,
“Una own pipol hate and porshu una
bikos una dey obey my name.
Dem dey laf una sey ‘Oya! Make una honor God name na!
Make belle sweet una na!’ ”
But make una nor worry,
bikos na dem go shame.
“Make una listin to dat loud nois for di town;
dat sound for di temple na di sound
wey God take dey ponish en enemies!
My holy town bi like woman wey just born pikin without sey e labor.
E born boy pikin without pain.
E get anybody wey don hear or si dat kind tin before?
E don get any town wey dem use one day make?
So, Zion nor go sofa tey again,
before I go bring am kom back to life.
Make una know sey I go kare for my pipol
until dem go born.
Yes! I go kare for dem until dem born di pikin.”
God don tok.
10 “So make una happy with Jerusalem;
all of una wey like dis town,
make una happy for am!
All of una wey bin dey mourn for am,
make una happy with am naw!
11 Una go enjoy en propaty like pikin
wey dey suck en mama breast.
Una go drink beleful bikos of all di tins wey e get.”
12 God sey, “I go make una prosper forever;
all di nashon propaty go kom meet una like river
wey nor dey dry.
Una go bi like pikin wey en mama kare
and karry for hand kon trit am with love.
13 Just as mama dey konfort and kare for en pikin,
na so too I go konfort and kare for Jerusalem pipol.
14 Wen una si sey dis tins dey happen,
una heart go happy and una go prosper like grass.
Den una go know sey,
‘Mi wey bi God dey help pipol wey obey mi,
but I dey vex for my enemies.’ ”
15 God go kom with fire.
E go ride kom with di kloud kon ponish doz wey E dey vex for.
16 Wiked and bad pipol wey dey di world,
E go ponish dem with fire and swod kon kill dem well-well.
17 God sey, “Di end don rish for doz wey dey keep diasef holy bikos of dia juju; doz wey dey go woship for juju gardin; wey dey chop pig and rat with oda yeye food. 18 I know wetin dey dia mind and wetin dem dey do. I dey kom gada all di nashon togeda and wen dem don kom togeda, dem go si wetin my pawa fit do 19 and dem go know sey na mi ponish dem.
“But I go send some of dem go far nashon wey neva hear how I dey great rish or si di great tins wey I dey do. Na with my pawa, I go take send dem go Spain, Libya and Lydia with dia strong men. I go send dem go Tubal and Greece and na dem go tell doz nashons how I great rish. 20 Just as Israel pipol dey bring rice ofrin kom di temple with fine kontaina, na so too dem go bring all una men from all di nashons kom give mi as ofrin for my holy mountin. Dem go karry dem kom my holy hill for Jerusalem with horse, melu, kamel, shariot and truck. 21 I go make some of dem priest and some go bi Levi wey dey work for God temple.”
22 God sey,
“Just as di new eart and heaven
wey I go make go dey with mi forever,
na so too una name and una shidren-shidren name
go dey with mi forever.
23 For evry New Moon festival and Sabat Day,
evribody go kom Jerusalem kon woship mi.
24 All doz wey bin fight mi,
dem go si dia dead body for road.
Di worms wey chop dem nor go ever die
and dem nor go ever kwensh di fire
wey go burn dem.
Dia dead body nor go dey good
for human being to si.”