Profet Jeremaya tok about Judah for forty years and na for di time wen Assyria sojas stop to rule Judah pipol go rish di time Babilon distroy Jerusalem. Di book tok about many tins wey Jeremaya do thru message. How e profesai and how e use wetin don hapun take tish di pipol. Dis pipol really show us how di profet take use en whole mind thru how e take dey tish di pipol about God even doh dem rijet and plan to kill-am.
Di book start and end with many-many tins wey Profet Jeremaya do and how e take tok about how Jerusalem go fall. Di book get four main part wey tok about Jeremaya story and profesai. Each of dis four part end with Jeremaya words wey dem rite for book or for scroll. One long profesy like song dey for di book middle. So Jeremaya profesy wey appear for biginnin, for middle and di end, tok of how dem dey important. Di middle one tok about di promise about new kovenant wey go shange evry humanbin heart and naim important pass for all. Wetin God go do, go pass just to ponish evil pipol, but E go ovakom evil with good.
As wi dey turn from one page to anoda, wi go si sey Jeremaya book karry us go back and front akordin to place and time, yet wi undastand wetin e dey tok about. Di message about restorashon and forgivenes: to uproot and tear down, to distroy and ova-trow, to build and to plant; all dis follow di message of how God go take judge doz wey dey do wiked and evil tins.
Profet Jeremaya
Jeremaya wey bi Hilkaya pikin, na wetin e profesai, dey dis book. Jeremaya na one among di priests wey dey stay Anatot for Benjamin aria. God first tok to Jeremaya for di thirtint year wen Amon pikin, Josaya dey rule Judah. God still tok to am, wen Josaya pikin, Jehoiakim dey rule for Judah. Afta dat time, God still tok to am until di fift mont for di elevent year wen Zedekaya wey Josaya born, dey rule for Judah and na dat same year, dem katch and karry Jerusalem pipol go Babilon.
God Koll Jeremaya
God tell mi sey,
“Before I put yu for yor mama belle,
I don know and choose yu.
I don selet yu, before dem even born yu.
Yes! I don choose yu as my profet
and yu go take my message go evriwhere.”
So I ansa, “My Oga God, I nor sabi tok well and I still yong too.” But God sey, “Make yu nor sey, ‘I still yong.’ But yu go-go meet anybody wey I send yu go meet kon tell dem evritin wey I kommand yu. Di pipol wey I dey send yu go meet, make yu nor fear dem, bikos I go dey with yu and I go save yu. Mi wey bi God, don tok!” So God stresh en hand kon tosh my mout, den E sey, “Make yu listin, na mi go tell yu wetin yu go tok. 10 So make yu know naw sey, I don give yu pawa ova nashons and kingdoms; to rut and skata; to distroy, ova-take, ribuild and to plant well again.”
Two Vishon
11 Afta, God koll and ask mi: “Jeremaya! Wetin yu dey si?” I ansa, “Na one almond tree branch.” 12 Den God sey, “Yu dey rite and dis mean sey, I dey look well to make sure sey evritin go happen, just as I tok am.”
13 God ask mi again, “Na wetin yu dey si?” I ansa, “I si pot wey wota full dey boil for di nort side and e dey kom meet us.” 14 So God tell mi, “Dis mean sey, na from nort I go start to distroy kom and I go distroy evribody wey dey di land. 15 All di sojas for nort, I go soon koll dem kom attack Jerusalem. Dia kings go build dia throne for Jerusalem gate kon distroy all di walls wey dey guide di town. Den dem go attack all di towns for Judah. 16 Like dis, I go ponish my pipol for Jerusalem and Judah, bikos of dia wikedness. Dem forget mi kon dey woship and offa sakrifice give juju and oda gods wey dem make with dia own hand.
17 “But yu, Jeremaya! Make yu ready go tell dem evritin wey I kommand yu. Nor fear dem, if not, I go give yu betta rizin to fear dem. 18 Mi, God don promise to make yu strong like town wey dem dey guide well, wey nobody fit skata and like pila wey dem use iron take make or wall wey get bronze. Yu go fit stand against di whole land: dat is, Judah king, en ofisas, priest and all di pipol for di land. 19 Dem go attack yu, but dem nor go fit win yu, bikos I go dey der to save yu.
Mi, wey bi God, don tok.”