God Kare For Israel Pipol
God kon tell mi sey, “Go tell evribody for Jerusalem sey: ‘God sey, “I remember as una dey faithful wen una dey yong. Una bin love mi well-well like woman wey just marry; una follow mi waka for wildaness and for dry land. Dat time, Israel pipol dey holy to di Oga God; na dem bi di first fruit wey E plok and evribody wey won attack Israel, God dey ponish and distroy dem.” ’ ”
Israel Grand-grand Papa Sin
Naw, Jakob shidren-shidren and Israel family,
make una listin to God word.
God sey, “Wetin una grand-grand papa dem sey
I do wey make dem waka leave mi?
Dem go woship yuzles juju
and e kon make dem dey yuzles too.
Dem nor even ask sey,
‘Where God wey take us komot from Egypt?
Di Pesin wey take us pass wildaness and desert,
land wey nor good and dey dry,
where pipol nor dey stay or travel pass.’
I take una go betta land,
so dat una go enjoy di fruit and all di oda good tins wey dey der,
but wen una rish der,
una turn di land to dirty.
Una priests nor even ask sey,
‘Where Oga God dey?’
Doz wey dey tish my law nor even know mi.
Una rulers don turn from mi.
Una profets dey profesai with Baal name
and una leaders dey woship juju
wey nor fit help or save dem.
God Tok Against En Pipol
“Bikos of dis, mi God go tell una
wetin I get against una and una shidren-shidren.
10 Make una go shek thru Cyprus land for west or Kedar land for east,
una go si sey dis kind tin neva happen before.
11 No oda nashon don ever shange dia god,
even wen dem know sey dia gods nor bi god at-all.
But my pipol don shange mi God wey give dem honor,
with gods wey nor go fit help dem.
12 So heavens, make una sopraiz bikos of dis tins.
Yes! Make una shok and sopraiz well-well,
13 bikos my pipol don kommit two difren sin against mi:
dem don leave mi wey bi di spring wey dey give dem fresh wota
and dem dig one well for diasef wey nor fit keep and gada wota.
Result For Israel Sin
14 “Israel pipol, dem nor born una as slave;
na for war dem for katch and karry una go as slave.
15 Di enemies dey shaut like lion as dem dey distroy my pipol;
skata dia land and burn di towns with doz wey dey stay der.
16 Yes! Memfis and Egypt sojas don distroy Israel glory
and dem nor dey fear mi again.
17 But na Israel pipol kause all dis tins,
bikos dem leave di Oga wey bi dia God,
even wen E dey show dem di korrect road.
18 Wetin una go gain if una go back to Egypt
go beg dem to kom help una?
Wetin una tink sey una go gain,
if una go Assyria go beg to drink wota from Eufrates River?
19 Na di wiked tins wey una do go ponish and kondemn una,
bikos una turn from mi.
So, una go learn as e betta and wiked rish
nor to dey fear mi or forget mi wey bi di Oga una God.”
Mi, wey bi God, don tok.
20 “E don tey wen una rijet my kommand
or obey and woship mi.
Instead, una give unasef to all di gods wey dey di hill
and under evry green tree,
like sey una bi ashawo wey dey find who e go sleep with.
21 I bin plant una like special vine wey dem make with di best tins.
So na how una kon take turn wiked vine, wey dey produce bad grape?
22 No amount of soap wey una go take wosh una sin,
go fit make una klean,
bikos I still dey si all di wiked tins wey una dey do.”
Mi, wey bi God, don tok.
23 How una won take sey wi dey klean and wi neva woship Baal. Make una si as una sin for Hinnom Valley! Si evry tin wey una do! Una bi like woman kamel wey dey sleep with difren man kamel.
24 Una bi like wiked woman donkey wey grow for desert
and bikos e dey find man,
e go dey use en nose smell evriwhere weda e go si any one.
Nobody fit hold am if e nid to sleep with man.
Man donkey nor nid to go find am,
bikos na en dey run follow dem.
25 Israel pipol, make una nor let una shoe skata
or allow una troat dry as una dey run follow oda gods.
But una sey, “No! Wi nor go fit go back.
Wi love dis gods and wi go follow dem.”
26 So God sey, “Just as dem dey disgrace tif wen dem katch am,
na so too I go disgrace Israel pipol,
dia kings, ofisas, priests and profets,
bikos of wetin dem do.
27 Una wey sey na tree bi una papa and rock na una mama,
God go disgrace una.
Dis tins go happen,
bikos instead of una to follow mi,
una kon waka leave mi.
But anytime una dey for trobol,
una go sey make I kom save una.
28 Where di gods wey una make for unasef?
Wen ever una dey for trobol,
make dem kom save una if dem fit!
True-true, di gods wey dey Judah
many like di towns wey dem get.
29 So wetin make una dey komplain?
All of una don sin against mi!”
Mi, wey bi God, don tok.
30 “Even as I ponish una shidren rish,
dem nor gri shange or listin as I dey korrect dem.
Just as lion dey kill en enemy,
na so too una don kill una profets finish.”
31 Pipol for dis generashon!
Make una listin to wetin God dey tok:
“Israel pipol, I bi like desert for una eye naw?
Abi, I bi like land wey dark well-well?
So wetin make my pipol dey sey,
‘Wi don free from God hand and wi nor nid am again!’
32 Yong woman dey forget to wear en gold ring?
Abi woman wey won marry,
dey forget to wear en marriage klot?
But e don tey wey my pipol don forget mi.
33 Una really know how to run follow di pesin wey una love
and bikos of dis, even ashawo, don learn join en work,
bikos of wetin una dey do!
34 Poor and innocent pipol blood don stain una klot,
even doh una nor katch dem dey tif for una house.
Yet, with all dis tins wey una don do,
35 una still sey, ‘Wi neva do any bad tin at-all,
so God nor go vex for us again.’
But make una look! I go make sure sey I judge una,
bikos una sey, ‘Una neva kommit any sin.’
36 Wetin make una dey waka anyhow
and dey shange una ways?
Just as Assyria pipol disgrace una,
na so too Egypt pipol go do una.
37 Una go kover una face with shame and sorrow
wen una dey kom back from Egypt,
bikos God don rijet di pipol wey una trust and even with dia help,
e nor go still betta for una.”