God sey,
“If man drive en wife and di woman go marry anoda man,
di man go fit go marry di woman again?
Dat kind tin go make di land dirty.
But Israel pipol, una bi ashawo wey get many husband
and naw, una won turn back kom meet mi.
Make una look on-top di hills and una go si sey e
nor get anywhere wey una neva do ashawo!
Una sidan for road dey wait men,
just as Arab pipol dey wait for dia enemies for desert.
And naw, una don spoil di land
with una ashawo and wiked life.
Bikos of dis, God nor allow rain fall,
even for di rite time.
With all dis tins, una still dey live una ashawo life
and shame nor dey katch una.
Una even dey kry to mi naw sey,
‘Yu bi awa papa.
Na from small pikin Yu love us kom rish naw.
Yu go vex and forget us forever?’
All dis na wetin una dey tok,
but una still dey do di bad-bad tins wey dey una mind.”
Israel Pipol Nor Get Faith
Wen King Josaya dey rule for Judah, God tell mi sey, “Israel pipol wey nor dey faithful, yu si all wetin dem dey do? Dem don waka leave mi kon dey do ashawo for under evry green tree and high hill. I tink sey afta dem do all dis tins finish, dem go kom back kom meet mi, but dem nor kom and dia sista Judah, wey nor dey faithful too, si wetin dem do. I drive Israel pipol, bikos of dia ashawo life, yet en sista, Judah, nor fear, but e kon join dey do ashawo too. Bikos Israel sin nor mean anytin to dem, dem kon kontinue to spoil di land as dem dey woship stones and wood. 10 Even with all dis tins, Israel sista wey bi Judah nor gri turn kom meet mi with all dia heart, but dem just dey pritend.”
Oga God don tok.
11 Den God tell mi, “Even doh Israel pipol don turn from Mi, dem still betta pass Judah wey nor dey faithful at-all.”
God Tok To Judah And Israel Pipol
12 God sey make I go tell Israel pipol for nort sey,
“Una wey nor dey faithful,
make una kom back kom meet mi.
I go sorry for una and I nor go vex again!
I nor go vex for una forever.
13 But make una first gri sey una don sin against mi
wey bi di Oga una God.
Make una konfess sey una nor dey obey my kommand
and una don show una love to oda gods for under evry green tree.”
Mi, wey bi God, don tok.
14 “Pipol wey nor dey faithful, make una kom back kom meet mi, bikos na mi get una. Among una, I go choose one pesin from each town and two pesin from each family, den bring una kom back to Mount Zion. 15 I go give una kings wey go obey mi and dem go rule una with wisdom and undastandin. 16 For dat time, una go plenty well-well for di land and pipol nor go sey dem wont Oga God Kovenant Box. Dem nor go even tink or remember am again: dem nor go miss am, tok-less of to make anoda one. 17 Wen dat time rish, pipol go know Jerusalem as ‘God Throne’ and all di nashons go gada kom woship mi for der. Dem nor go do wetin dia sturbon and wiked heart sey make dem do again. 18 For dat time, Israel pipol go join Judah pipol kom back from di land wey dey nort and dem go kom back to di land wey I give dia grand-grand papa as dia own propaty.”
19 God sey, “I go take una back as my shidren
kon give una betta land;
di land wey fine pass for di whole world.
Den una go koll mi, ‘Papa’ and una
nor go turn from mi again.
20 But Israel pipol, just like woman wey nor dey faithful to en husband,
na so too, una nor dey faithful to mi.”
Mi, wey bi God, don tok.
21 “I dey hear one nois on-top di hill:
Na Israel pipol dey kry and beg dia juju.
True-true, dem dey stay inside sin
and don forget di Oga wey bi dia God.
22 Naw, una wey nor dey faithful,
make una kom back kom meet mi and I go heal una!”
“Yes! Wi go kom meet Yu,
bikos na Yu bi di Oga wey bi awa God.
23 True-true, hills and mountins nor fit help us.
But na only Yu wey bi awa Oga God,
go fit help wi, yor pipol.
24 But all dis yeye gods don skata all di tins
wey awa papa-papa dem do down;
dem don kill dia animals, sons and dia dotas.
25 So make wi liedan with shame!
Make awa disgrace kover us.
Wi and awa grand-grand papa don sin against di Oga awa God.
Since wi dey yong kon rish naw,
wi nor gri obey di Oga awa God.”