Wifes For Benjamin Tribe
Wen Israel pipol gada for Mizpa, dem kon vow sey, “Wi nor go ever marry awa dotas give Benjamin tribe.”
So dem go Bethel, sidan for God present till evening kon dey kry well-well. Dem sey, “Awa Oga wey bi Israel God! Wetin make dis kind tin happen for Israel? Naw one of awa tribe don dey miss from Israel!”
Di next day for early morning, di pipol build altar kon bring dia burnt and peace ofrin kom.
Den dem sey, “Wish tribe for Israel nor dey with us wen wi gada for God present for Mizpa?” By dat time, dem don swear before God sey, anybody wey nor gri kom, dem go kill-am.
So Israel pipol kon dey sorry for dia broda, Benjamin tribe den dem kon sey, “Today, Israel don lost one of en tribe. How wi go fit take find wife for di pipol wey remain, since wi don swear with God sey, wi nor go give dem awa dotas marry? Na dis make us ask sey, ‘Wish tribe for Israel nor dey with us wen wi gada for God present for Mizpa?’ ” Den dem kon notis sey, Jabesh nor follow dem gada for Mizpa. Bikos wen dem kount all di pipol finish, dem si sey nobody for Jabesh dey der.
10 So di pipol kon send anoda 12,000 for dia best sojas go Jabesh town for Gilead sey, make dem kill evribody, even di wimen and shidren. 11 Dem sey, dis na wetin una go do, “Kill all di sons and any woman wey nor bi virgin.” 12 For all di pipol wey dey Jabesh, dem si 400 yong virgin wey neva sleep with man before kon bring dem kom di kamp for Shiloh wey dey Kanaan land.
13 Den di pipol send message go give di pipol wey remain for Benjamin tribe, wey dey stay for Rimon Rock. 14 So Benjamin men go back to dia house and Israel pipol kon give dem di girls from Jabesh wey dem nor kill make dem marry. But dem nor many rish.
15 Di pipol sorry for Benjamin pipol, bikos God don separate dem from di oda Israel tribes. 16 So di leaders kon ask, “How wi fit take find wife for di pipol wey remain, since all Benjamin wimen don die finish? 17 Bikos doz wey survive for Benjamin tribe must get shidren, so dat one tribe for Israel nor go die finish. 18 But wi nor go fit marry awa dotas give dem, bikos wi don swear sey anybody wey do am go dey under God curse.” 19 Den, dem tink of di sakrifice wey dem dey do for God and na evry year for Shiloh, wey dey sout for Lebonah and nort for Bethel, dem for dey do am. E still dey east for di road wey dey between Bethel and Shekem.
20 So dem tell Benjamin men wey still nid wife sey, “Make una go hide for di vineyards. 21 Anytime una si di yong wimen for Shiloh kom out kon dance for di festival, una go rush kom out kon katch dem one-by-one go house for Benjamin town as una wife! 22 Den wen dia papa and brodas kom meet us with vexnashon, wi go tell dem sey, ‘Abeg make una sorry for us. Make una allow dem marry una dotas, bikos wi nor fit find wife for all of dem wen wi distroy Ramot. And nor-tin go do una if una break di vow, bikos una nor really marry una dotas give dem from una mind.’ ”
23 So Benjamin men do as dem tell dem. Each man katch one woman as dem dey dance for di festival kon karry am go as en wife. Dem go back to dia own land kon build house and stay der again.
24 Den Israel pipol komot from der. Evry man go back to en tribe, family and evritin wey e get.
25 For dat time, Israel nor get king; so evribody dey do wetin dem tink sey dey good for dia eye.