Dis short book wey bi Rut dey for di centre for di two major part for Israel pipol kovenant with God. Di first part, (Jenesis to Judges), na about how Abraham shidren kom bi great nashon, as God promise. Di sekond part, (Samuel to Kings), tok about di promise wey God give David sey one among en shidren go always bi king. Di book help us link di days from di judges go rish David time. Since Moab pipol nor help Israel pipol wen dem komot from Egypt, dis book show how Rut, wey kom from Moab, kon bi David great-grand-mama. Dis story kover ten generashons afta dem komot from Egypt. Di main purpose of di book na to show di good faith wey one woman (Rut) get and how God laws and pawa dey ova evry situashon.
Elimelek Go Moab
For di time wen Israel neva get king, honga kon dey for Judah land. So one man from Betlehem for Judah kon go stay for Moab and e karry en wife and two sons follow body. (Di man name na Elimelek and en wife name na Naomi. E get two shidren wey bi Mahlon and Kilion. Dem kom from Efrat family wey dey Betlehem for Judah.)
Afta sometaim, Naomi husband, Elimelek kon die leave di woman and en two pikin. So di shidren marry wimen from Moab and dia name na Orpah and Rut. Dem kon stay for Moab for anoda ten years. Den Naomi two sons, Mahlon and Kilion kon die too. So Naomi nor get husband or shidren again.
So Naomi kon decide sey e go-go back to Betlehem (and en shidren wifes follow am), bikos as e dey for Moab, e hear sey God don bless en pipol and honga nor dey dia land again.
Rut Follow Naomi Go
So, wen en and en two pikin wife komot for where dem dey stay kon dey go back to Judah, Naomi kon tell di wimen, “Make una listin to mi! Make una go back to una mama house! Make God show una en favor just as una don show am to mi and my shidren wey don die! Make God guide una for una new husband house!”
Den e kiss dem kon sey bye-bye and dem kon dey kry. 10 But di wimen tell am, “No! Wi go follow yu go meet yor pipol.”
11 So Naomi ansa dem, “My dotas! Make una dey go house! No nid to follow mi go back to Judah! I nor go fit born pikin wey go bi una husband again! 12 My dotas, make una dey go house! I don old well-well to marry again. Even if I feel sey hope still dey to marry dis nite kon get belle born pikin, 13 true-true una nor go won wait until dem big rish to marry una! Una nor go fit stay thru-out dat time without husband. Yes! Una nor go fit wait. So my dotas, make una nor follow mi go, bikos my wahala and sofa too many for una to karry and na God dey ponish mi!”
14 Dem kon kry well-well again. Den Orpah kiss Naomi kon go back, but Rut nor gri go.
15 So Naomi tell am, “Si, yor husband broda wife dey go back go meet en pipol and en god. So make yu follow yor husband broda wife go back!”
16 But Rut ansa, “Nor force mi sey make I leave yu! Anywhere wey yu go, na der I go-go. Anywhere wey yu won stay, na der I go stay. Yor pipol go bi my pipol and yor God go bi my God. 17 Where yu for die, I go die for der too and na der dem go beri mi put. Make God ponish mi well-well if I nor do wetin I promise! Na only deat go fit separate mi from yu!” 18 Wen Naomi si sey Rut sirious to follow am go, e kon stop to tell am make e go back.
Naomi And Rut For Betlehem
19 So dem two kon travel until dem rish Betlehem. As dem rish der, di whole village happy sey dem kom. Di wimen for di village kon sey, “Na Naomi bi dis?”
20 Naomi ansa, “Make una nor koll mi, ‘Naomi’, but make una koll mi ‘Mara’, bikos God wey get pawa don ponish mi well-well. 21 I komot here with my husband and shidren, but God don make mi kom back with empty hand. Wetin make una dey koll mi, ‘Naomi,’ wen una si sey God tok against mi and di One wey get pawa don make mi dey sofa?”
22 So na like dis Naomi take kom back from Moab with Rut, en pikin, Mahlon wife. Dem rish Betlehem wen grain harvest just dey start.