Na John wey bi Jesus Christ disciple naim rite dis book. E rite am to tell pipol sey, God love evribody for di world and na dis love make am send en Son, Jesus Christ kom, so dat anybody wey go bilive am go get everlastin life (3:16). Na John gospel tell di story about how God kreate world from di beginin, before e tok about how pipol go fit know God and di blessing wey pipol wey follow God go get. For di end, John kon declare, “But dis tins wey dem rite so, na make una for bilive sey na Jesus bi di Christ and naim bi Man Pikin and if una bilive am, una go get life thru en name” (20:21).
How God Word Kom Meet Us
Since wen di time start naim di Word dey and di Word dey with God and na God ensef bi di Word. Di Word dey with God from wen time bigin.
Na God make evritin and if to sey E nor make dem, dem nor for dey dis world at-all. Na inside am life dey and na dat life bi di lite wey pipol get. Di lite dey shine inside darkness, but darkness nor gri with am.
E get one man wey en name bi John, wey God send kom dis world. E kom bear witness for di lite, make evribody for fit get di shance to bilive wetin God tok thru en word. Nor bi John ensef bi di lite, but e kom tell pipol about Jesus wey bi di lite. Na Jesus bi di true lite wey go shine for evribody for dis world.
10 E kom inside di world wey e make my ensef, but di pipol nor know am. 11 E kom meet en own pipol, but dem nor wont am. 12 But evribody wey receive and bilive en name, e go give dem di rite to bi God pikin. 13 Dem go bi God shidren, nor bi as dia papa and mama take born dem from belle, or bikos somebody make dem so, but bikos God ensef make dem en own shidren.
14 Den di Word kon shange to pesin and e stay with us for dis world. Wi si en glory wey show sey, naim bi di only pikin wey get korrect favor and trut, wey God send kom meet us.
15 John kon bigin shaut sey, “Dis na di pesin wey I tell una about sey, ‘Di pesin wey go kom afta mi, big pass mi, bikos e dey before mi.’ ” 16 Evribody for dis world don receive plenty good tins from am. 17 Na thru Moses God give us di law, but God give us favor and trut, thru Jesus Christ. 18 Nobody don fit si God face before. But Jesus, wey bi God ensef, wey en and en Papa bi tait friend, na-im kom show us how God bi.
John Di Baptist Tok About Jesus
19 Di Jew oga dem send priests and Levi pipol make dem go ask John sey, “Who yu bi sef?” 20 E ansa dem, “I nor dey lie, bikos nor bi mi bi di Christ.”
21 Den dem ask am, “So, na who yu bi? Abi yu bi Elijah?”
E kon sey, “No, I nor bi Elijah.”
Dem ask am again, “Yu bi di profet?”
E ansa, “No o-o!”
22 Again, dem ask am, “Who yu bi sef? Make yu tell us, so dat wi go know wetin to tell di pipol wey send us. Who yu sey yu bi?”
23 John kon sey, “Na mi bi dat vois wey dey shaut inside wildaness sey, ‘Make una make di road wey pipol go pass go meet God strait well-well’, as Profet Isaya tok before.”
24 (Na di Farisee pipol send dis pipol go meet John). 25 Dem kon ask John sey, “Why yu dey baptize pipol, if yu nor bi di Christ or Elijah or di Profet?”
26 John ansa dem, “I dey baptize pipol with wota, but among una, one pesin dey wey una nor know. 27 E go kom afta mi. I nor rish to luz di rope wey dey en shoe.”
28 All dis tins happen for Betany where pipol dey cross Jordan River kom meet John, make e baptize dem.
29 Wen day break, John si Jesus dey waka kom meet am, den John sey, “Make una look! Dis na di Sheep wey God send kom die, so dat God go forgive us awa sins.” 30 Na dis pesin I tell una sey, “Afta mi, one man wey big pass mi go kom, bikos e dey before mi. 31 Misef nor know am before, but I dey baptize pipol with wota, so dat God go show Israel pipol who Jesus bi.”
32 Den John bear witness sey, “I si God Spirit wey kom down like dove from heaven kon stay for Jesus head. 33 I nor know am before, but di pesin wey send mi kom baptize with wota tell mi sey, ‘Di pesin wey yu go si God Spirit kom stay on-top en head, na-im go baptize pipol with Holy Spirit.’ 34 I don si am and I bear witness sey, ‘Dis man na di pesin wey God choose.’ ”
35 Wen day break, John with en two disciple stand for outside. 36 Dem kon dey look Jesus wen e dey waka pass, den John kon sey, “Make una look! Na dat pesin bi God Sheep.”
37 Wen John two disciples hear wetin e tok, dem kon follow Jesus. 38 Jesus look back kon si di disciples dey follow am. Den e ask dem, “Wetin una wont?”
Dem ansa am, “Oga God, (wey mean Tisha) where yu dey stay?”
39 Jesus ansa dem, “Make una kom si am.”
So dem go si di place wey e dey stay kon stay with am dat day. Dat time na about for oklok for aftanoon.
Wetin Andru Tok About Jesus
40 Andru, Simon Pita broda, na one for di disciples wey hear wetin John tok kon follow Jesus. 41 E first go find en broda Simon kon tell am, “Wi don si di Mezaya”, (wey mean Christ). 42 Andru kon bring Simon kom meet Jesus.
Wen Jesus si am, e tell am, “Yu bi Simon, John pikin, na Cefas (wey mean Pita) pipol go dey koll yu from today go.”
Jesus Koll More Disciples
43 Wen day break, Jesus kon plan to go Galilee. Wen e si Filip, e tell am, “Make yu follow mi.”
44 Filip na from Betsaida, wey bi Andru and Pita home-town. 45 Wen Filip si Netanel, e tell am, “Wi don si di pesin wey Moses and di profets rite about for dia book sey, ‘En name na Jesus, wey en home-town bi Nazaret and na Josef pikin e bi.’ ”
46 Netanel kon sey, “Betta tin go fit kom out from Nazaret?”
Filip ansa am, “Make yu kom si.”
47 Wen Jesus si Netanel dey waka kom meet am, e kon sey, “Make una look! Dis na betta pesin wey kom from Israel, wayo nor dey en belle.”
48 Netanel ask am, “How yu take know mi.”
Jesus ansa, “Before Filip koll yu wen yu dey under di tree, I don si yu.”
49 Netanel sey, “Tisha, true-true, yu bi God Pikin and na yu bi Israel king.”
50 Jesus tell am, “Bikos I tell yu sey I si yu under di fig tree, yu bilive wetin I tok? Bikos yu bilive, yu go si wetin big pass dis one.” 51 Den e kon sey, “Wetin I dey tell una na true word, una go si heaven open and God angels go dey waka up-and-down on-top God Pikin.”