Jesus Wake-up From Deat
For early morning for di first day for di week, di wimen karry di perfume wey dem prepare go di grave where dem beri Jesus put. Dem kon si sey dem don roll di stone komot from di grave mout, but wen dem enter inside, dem nor si Jesus body for der. As dem dey konfuse bikos of dis tin, dem kon si two men wey dia klot dey shine like lite and dem stand for korna. Fear katch di wimen and dem kon face groun. But di men tell dem, “Why una dey find pesin wey dey alive for where dead body dey? E nor dey here again, God don wake am! Una remember wetin e tell una wen e dey Galilee sey, ‘Dem must sell Man Pikin give wiked pipol and dem go kill-am trowey and for di third day, e go wake-up.’ ”
Den di wimen kon remember wetin Jesus tell dem, so dem komot from di grave kon go tell di eleven apostles and di rest pipol wetin happen. 10 Na Mary Magdalin, Joanna, Mary wey bi James mama and di oda wimen wey dey with dem, na dem tell di apostles all dis tins. 11 But dia word nor mean anytin to di apostles, so dem nor bilive di wimen. 12 But Pita kon get up, run go di grave. E ben-down look inside and e si only di klot, den e kon go house dey wonder wetin happen.
Jesus Waka For Emmaus Road
13 Dat day, two men among Jesus disciples dey waka go one village wey dem dey koll Emmaus, wey nor too far from Jerusalem. 14 Dem dey tok to each oda about di tins wey happen. 15 As dem dey tok, Jesus kon bigin waka with dem, 16 (but Jesus nor let dem know who e bi.)
17 Den Jesus kon ask dem, “Na wetin make una dey tok like dis for road?”
Dem kon stand for one place, dey sopraiz for am. 18 Den one among dem, wey en name bi Kleopas, kon tell am, “Na only yu bi strenja for Jerusalem wey nor know di tins wey dey happen since?”
19 Jesus ask dem, “Wish tins?”
Dem ansa, “Di tins about Jesus wey kom from Nazaret, one man wey wetin e dey tok and do show sey en na God profet 20 and how awa priest oga dem and di pipol wey dey rule us kill-am trowey. 21 But wi bin hope sey naim go free Israel and dis tins don happen for three days naw. 22 Some wimen wey dey with us kon even sopraiz us. Dem go where dem beri am put dis morning 23 and dem nor si en body for der. Dem kom back dey tok sey dem si angels wey tell dem sey Jesus dey alive. 24 Den some pipol wey dey with us kon go di grave and dem si evritin as di wimen tok, but dem nor si Jesus.”
25 So Jesus tell dem, “Una nor get sense and una nor dey kwik bilive wetin all di profets tok. 26 Dem nor tok sey di Mezaya go must sofa all dis tins and den e go enter en glory?” 27 Den e kon use wetin Moses and all di profets rite take tell dem wetin God tok about am for en word.
28 As dem near di village wey dem dey go, Jesus do like sey e won waka go front, 29 but dem tell am, “Make yu stay with us, bikos evening don nearly rish and day go soon dark.” So Jesus enter di village kon follow dem stay.
30 E sidan for where dem dey chop; e take bread, bless am kon divide am give dem. 31 At wons dia eye open and dem kon know am. Den e vanish from dia front. 32 Dem kon tell each oda, “No wonder e bi like sey fire dey burn inside awa heart wen e dey tok with us for road about God!”
33 So dem get up at wons go back to Jerusalem. Dem si di eleven apostles and di oda pipol wey dey with dem 34 kon tell dem, “Jesus don really wake-up and e don appear to Simon!” 35 Den dem tok wetin happen for road and how dem take know Jesus wen e divide di bread.
Jesus Appear For Di Last Time
36 As dem still dey tok, Jesus kon stand with dem, tell dem, “Make peace dey with una.”
37 But dem shok kon bigin fear, bikos dem tink sey na spirit dem dey si. 38 Den Jesus kon sey, “Why una dey fear and nor bilive? 39 Make una look my hand and leg and make una tosh mi: spirit nor get flesh and bone as una si sey I get.”
40 Wen Jesus don tok dis one, e kon show dem en hand and leg. 41 And as dem neva still bilive (bikos of dia happiness) and still dey sopraiz, Jesus ask dem, “Una get anytin to chop for here?” 42 So dem kon gi-am fish wey dem don kook, 43 e kon take am chop for dia front.
Jesus Last Word With Dem
44 Den Jesus tell dem, “Na di word wey I tell una wen I still dey with una bi dis, evritin wey dem rite about mi for Moses Law, di profets book and Psalms, must happen.”
45 Den e open dia mind so dat dem go fit undastand God word 46 kon tell dem, “Na wetin dem rite bi dis, ‘Di Mezaya go sofa and e go wake-up from deat for di third day 47 and dem go use en name prish give pipol make dem for turn from dia sin kom meet God and di prishin go start from Jerusalem.’ 48 Una bi witness for dis tins. 49 I dey send wetin my Papa promise kom meet una. So make una stay for dis town until pawa go kom from heaven kon kover una.”
Jesus Go Heaven
50 Den Jesus take dem go Betany kon lift en hand and bless dem. 51 As e dey bless dem, God kon karry am go heaven. 52 So, dem woship am kon go back to Jerusalem dey happy well-well 53 and dem dey go di temple evritime, dey praiz God.