Joshua na di nomba six book for di Bible and e tok about di period from di time wey Moses die go rish wen God take Israel pipol enter di land wey E promise dem and na Joshua bi dia leader. Dem name dis book follow di main pesin wey bi Joshua wey take-ova from Moses. Joshua mean “Na God dey Save.” Di book still show how God take fulfil en promise to Israel pipol wen E give dem Kanaan land as dia own. Di book still diskribe how Israel pipol struggol to keep di kovenant wey dem make with God or obey di God wey bring dem kom di land. E still tok about how Israel pipol take divide di land akordin to di tribes. But since some places still remain, Joshua tell all di tribes sey make dem try take evriwhere for di land. E still make di pipol renew di kovenant wey dem make with di Oga dia God.
God Choose Joshua
Afta Moses, God savant don die, God kon tell Joshua wey bi Nun pikin wey bin dey help Moses sey, “My savant Moses don die. So make yu get ready to cross Jordan River! Make yu take dis pipol enter di land wey I don promise to give dem. Anywhere yor leg tosh, I don gi-am to yu, just as I promise Moses. Una land go start from di wildaness wey dey sout for Lebanon go rish di nort. E go rish di great Eufrates River for east (plus evriwhere for Siria) and from der go Mediterranean Sea for west. Nobody go fit stop yu still yu die. I go dey with yu as I dey with Moses. I nor go forget or leave yu.
“Make yu dey strong and get heart! Yu go lead dis pipol go win di land wey I don promise dia grand-grand papa sey, I go give dem. Make sure sey yu dey strong well-well and yu get heart! Make yu dey obey all di law and kommand wey my savant Moses give yu! Nor do dem anyhow, den yu go prosper for evritin wey yu dey do. Dis law wey God give yu must nor komot from yor mout! Yu must dey read and tink of am evriday and nite, so dat yu go fit obey evritin wey dey inside. Den yor way go dey rite and evritin go betta for yu. I dey tok again, so dat yu go dey strong kon get heart! Make yu nor fear or shake, bikos mi wey bi di Oga yor God, I dey with yu for evritin wey yu dey do.”
Joshua Ready For War
10 Joshua tell di leaders: 11 “Make una go di kamp kon tell evribody sey, ‘Make una dey ready bikos like three days from naw, una go cross Jordan River kon bigin fight for di land wey di Oga una God won give una.’ ”
12 Joshua kon tell Reuben tribe, Gad tribe and half of Manasseh tribe sey: 13 “Hope una remember wetin God savant Moses kommand una? Di Oga una God go give una where una go stay and E dey give una dis land as una propaty. 14 Una wifes, shidren and animal fit dey di land wey Moses give una for Jordan River east, but all una sojas must cross go fight first. Una must help una pipol 15 until God don give una brodas where dem go stay like una and until una win di land wey di Oga una God don sey E go give dem. Den una fit go back to una place wey Moses, God savant don give una for Jordan River east.” 16 So dem ansa Joshua, “Wi go do evritin wey yu tok and wi go-go evriwhere wey yu send us go. 17 Just as wi obey Moses, na so wi go obey yu too. Make di Oga yor God dey with yu as E dey with Moses.
18 “Anybody wey won show sey e sturbon and e nor gri do wetin yu kommand, wi go kill-am. But make yu dey strong kon get heart!”