Jesus Send Seventy-two Men
Afta, Jesus choose seventy-two men kon send dem two-by-two go all di town and oda place where e won go leta. E tell dem, “Di fruit wey dem won plok, plenty, but pipol wey go plok dem, nor plenty rish. Make una pray make di Oga God wey get di farm send workers kon gada en fruit. Make una go! I dey send una like small-small sheep go meet wiked animal. Make una nor take bag or shoe and nor greet anybody for road.
“Wen una enter any house, make una first sey, ‘Make peace dey dis house!’ If anybody wey wont peace dey der, una peace go stay with am, but if e nor dey, una peace go kom back to una. Make una stay for dat house, chop and drink anytin wey dem give una, bikos anybody wey dey work, suppose to get en pay. Make una nor dey waka from one house go anoda.
“Wen una enter any town and dem welkom una, make una chop di food wey dem give una and heal di pipol wey nor well for dat town, den tell di pipol wey dey der sey, ‘God Kingdom don kom meet una.’ 10 But wen una enter any town and dem nor welkom una, make una go road kon sey, 11 ‘Even di san for una town wey dey awa leg, wi shake am komot make e bi witness against una. But make una know sey: God Kingdom don kom meet una.’ 12 I tell una true word, e go betta for Sodom for judgement day pass dat town!
13 “Korazin and Betsaida pipol, curse dey una head! Bikos if to sey na for Tyre and Sidon dem for do di mirakles wey dem do for una town, di pipol der for don turn from sin kom meet God since, dem for don sidan, wear sack-klot and put ashes for dia head kon dey beg God make E forgive dem. 14 But e go betta for Tyre and Sidon pipol pass una for judgement day! 15 Una Kapanaum pipol, una tink sey God go just karry una go heaven? No, E go trow una for hell-fire.”
16 Jesus tell en disciples, “Anybody wey listin to una, don listin to mi and anybody wey rijet una, don rijet mi and God wey send mi.”
17 Di seventy-two men kon kom back with happiness, dey sey, “Oga God, even demons dey obey us wen wi kommand dem with yor name!”
18 Jesus tell dem, “I si Satan wen e fall like tunda-lite from heaven. 19 Make una listin, I don give una pawa to waka on-top snake and skorpion and to ovakom all di enemy pawa, so nor-tin go fit wound una. 20 Make una nor only dey happy sey evil spirit dey obey una, instead make una happy sey God rite una name for heaven.”
21 For dat time, di Holy Spirit kon make Jesus dey happy, so e kon sey, “I praiz yu, Papa wey bi Oga God for heaven and eart, bikos yu don hide dis tins from pipol wey get sense and wise, but yu show dem to yor shidren. Yes, Papa, na so yu wont make e bi.
22 “My Papa don give mi evritin. Nobody know who di pikin bi escept di Papa and nobody know who di Papa bi escept di pikin and pipol wey di pikin choose to show.”
23 Den Jesus kon face en disciples tell dem small-small, “God don bless di pesin wey en eye si wetin una dey si so-o-o! 24 I tell una true word, ‘Many profets and kings don try to si wetin una dey si so, but dem nor fit si am and dem don won hear wetin una dey hear so, but dem nor fit hear am.’ ”
Betta Pesin Parabol
25 One man wey sabi di law well-well kon get up test Jesus, “Tisha, wetin I go do to take get life wey nor dey end?”
26 Jesus kon ask am, “Wetin yu undastand about Moses Law?”
27 Di man ansa, “Make yu love God yor Oga God with all yor heart, yor soul, yor pawa and mind, den love yor neighbour as yu love yorsef.”
28 Jesus kon tell am, “Yor ansa korrect, make yu do dem and yu go get korrect life.”
29 But di man won show sey en know well-well, so e kon ask Jesus, “Who bi my neighbour?”
30 Jesus tell am dis story, “One man dey travel from Jerusalem go Jeriko and tif kon attack am for road, dem naked am, beat am till e nearly die, den kon waka leave am. 31 Afta, one priest dey pass der, wen e si di man, e waka pass for di oda side for di road. 32 Na so too, one worker for di temple still waka rish where di man dey, but e waka pass di oda side for di road. 33 But one Samaria man wey dey travel for dat road kon rish where di man dey, as e si di man, e sorry for am. 34 E waka go meet di man kon rob wine and olive oil for en sore and bandage am. Den e put di man on-top en horse kon karry am go one hotel and e kare for am dat nite. 35 Di next day, di Samaria man give di hotel manaja two silva koins kon tell am, ‘Make yu kare for dis man, wen I kom back, I go pay yu any estra money wey yu spend.’ ”
36 Jesus kon ask di man wey e dey follow tok sey, “Among dis three men, wish one yu tink sey bi neighbour to di man wey tif attack?”
37 Di man wey sabi di law well-well kon ansa, “Na di one wey kare for di man.”
So, Jesus kon tell am, “Make yu go do di same tin too.”
Jesus And Marta
38 As Jesus and en disciples still dey travel, dem rish one village and one woman wey en name bi Marta kon welkom dem for en house. 39 Mary, wey bi Marta sista, sidan near Jesus leg dey listin to wetin e dey tish. 40 But Marta nor happy, bikos of all di work wey e dey do, so e meet Jesus kon sey, “Oga God! Si, my sista don leave all di work for mi. Abeg, tell am make e kom help mi.”
41 Jesus ansa am, “Marta! Marta! Yu dey too wahala yorsef about many tins, 42 na only one tin dey important and Mary don choose di korrect tin and nobody go fit take am from am.”