How To Pray
One day Jesus dey pray for one place. Wen e pray finish, one of en disciples kon tell am, “Oga God! Make yu tish us how to pray, just as John tish en disciples.”
So Jesus tell dem, “Wen una dey pray, make una sey:
“ ‘Awa Papa wey dey for heaven,
wi greet yu,
Make yor kingdom kom.
Give us di bread wey wi go chop today,
Make yu forgive us awa sins,
as wi dey forgive doz wey do us bad.
Nor let us enter temptashon.’ ”
Den Jesus tell dem, “Like sey one of una go meet en friend for mid-nite sey, ‘My friend, abeg give mi three bread, bikos one of my friend wey dey travel stop for my place and I nor get anytin to gi-am chop.’
“Den yor friend kon ansa from inside house, ‘Make yu nor disturb mi. I don lock my door and mi and my shidren dey sleep. I nor go fit get up give yu anytin naw.’ I tell yu true word, even if di man inside, nor won get up bikos yu bi en friend, e go get up give yu anytin wey yu wont, bikos yu nor let am rest.
“So, I tell yu true word: Make yu ask and God go give yu, find and yu go si wetin yu dey look for, make yu nok and di door go open for yu. 10 Bikos pesin wey ask, go get, pesin wey find, go si wetin e dey find and di pesin wey nok, di door go open for am.
11 “Wish of una wey bi papa go give en pikin snake, if e ask for fish? 12 Or if di pikin ask for egg, una go gi-am skorpion? 13 Since una fit give una pikin good tins as una bad rish, wot of una Papa for Heaven wey go give di Holy Spirit to anybody wey ask am?”
Jesus And Belzibub
14 One day, Jesus kon drive demon wey dey make pesin nor fit tok komot for one man body. Wen di demon don komot, di man bigin tok and di pipol sopraiz well-well. 15 But some among dem sey, “Belzibub wey bi demon oga, na en pawa Jesus dey use take drive demons.” 16 But oda pipol kon dey ask for sign from heaven, bikos dem won test Jesus.
17 Jesus know wetin dey dia mind, so e tell dem, “Any kingdom where pipol dey fight each oda nor go last and family wey divide, go fall. 18 So, if Satan kingdom divide, how en kingdom go take last? I dey ask una dis tin, bikos una dey sey na Belzibub pawa I take dey drive demons. 19 If na Belzibub pawa I take dey drive demons, den na wish pawa una pikin dem dey use? So, na una pikin go judge una. 20 But if na God pawa I take dey drive demon komot, den God Kingdom don rish where una dey.
21 “Wen pesin wey get pawa ready well-well guide en own house, all en tins go dey save. 22 But wen pesin wey get pawa pass am attack and win am, di pesin go karry all di tins wey di man take dey protet ensef kon divide di propaty wey remain.
23 “Anybody wey nor dey with mi, dey against mi and anybody wey nor dey work with mi, dey work against mi.
Jesus Work
24 “Wen evil spirit komot for pesin body, e go dey waka anyhow, dey fine where e go rest. But wen e nor si, e go tell ensef, ‘Make I go back to di house wey I from komot.’ 25 But wen e kom back, kon si sey dem don swip evriwhere klean, arrange am and nobody dey der, 26 e go-go bring seven oda spirits wey wiked pass am join ensef and dem go stay for der, so di pesin kondishon go worse pass as e bi before.”
27 As Jesus tok dis tins, one woman for der kon shaut, “God go bless di belle wey born yu and di breast wey yu sok!”
28 Den Jesus sey, “Pipol wey hear God word and do wetin e tok, na dem God don bless!”
Jonah Sign
29 As pipol dey plenty more-more, Jesus kon sey, “Pipol wey dey dis world naw wiked well-well; dem dey look for sign, but God nor go show dem any sign, escept di tin wey happen for Jonah time. 30 Just as Jonah bi profet for Nineveh pipol, na so Man Pikin go bi sign for di pipol wey dey dis world naw. 31 For Judgement Day, Sheba Kween go bear witness against pipol wey dey dis world naw and God go kondemn dem, bikos di kween travel from far place kom hear di wise tins wey Solomon tish. But naw, pesin wey big pass Solomon dey here! 32 For Judgement Day, na so too Nineveh pipol go bear witness against pipol wey dey dis world naw, bikos dem turn from sin kom meet God wen Jonah prish give dem. But naw, pesin wey big pass Jonah dey here.”
Lite For Inside House
33 “Nobody dey lite lamp put for under basket or for where pipol nor go fit si am, but dem go put am for where pipol go si am wen dem enter di house. 34 Na eye bi di lamp wey body get. If yor eye well, lite go full yor whole body, but wen yor eye nor well, na darkness go full yor body. 35 So make sure sey wetin dey inside yu, na lite, nor bi darkness. 36 If lite full yor body and darkness nor dey inside at-all, e go shine well-well like wen lamp dey shine for yor face.”
Jesus Nor Agri With Di Farisee Pipol And Law Tishas
37 As Jesus dey tok, one Farisee koll am kom en house kon chop, so Jesus go sidan for where dem go for chop. 38 Di Farisee sopraiz well-well wen e si sey Jesus nor first wosh-hand, before e bigin chop.
39 But Jesus tell am, “Una wey bi Farisee pipol dey wosh outside cup and plate, but inside una belle, long-trot and wikedness full am. 40 Una bi fool! Nor bi God wey make di outside still make inside? 41 But make una from una heart give to pipol wey nor get, so dat evritin go dey klean for una.
42 “Curse dey una head! Una wey bi Farisee pipol! Una dey give God one out of evry ten tins wey una get! But una dey forget pipol wey nor get.
43 “Curse dey una head! Una wey bi Farisee pipol! Una dey won sidan for betta chair for sinagog and una dey like make pipol dey greet una for market.
44 “Curse dey una head! Una bi like grave wey pipol dey mash pass and dem nor know sey na grave.”
45 One man wey know di law well-well kon ansa, “Tisha, yu dey curse us as yu dey tok like dis so o-o.”
46 But Jesus ansa am, “Curse dey una head! Una wey know di law well-well! Una karry heavy load put for pipol back and una nor won even take hand tosh di load!
47 “Curse dey una head! Una dey build profets grave, di profets wey una grand-grand papa kill. 48 Dis show sey una support di tins wey una grand-grand papa dem do, bikos dem kill di profets and una build dia graves! 49 Na dis one make God tok with en wisdom sey, ‘I go send profets and apostles go meet dem and dem go sofa and kill some among dem.’ 50 So di profets blood wey dem don kill since di world start, di pipol wey dey dis world naw, go take dia head karry am. 51 From wen dem kill Abel go rish di time wen dem kill Zekaraya for di altar inside di temple, dia blood dey dis pipol head and God go judge dem.
52 “Curse dey una head! Una wey know di law well-well! Una don seize di key wey dey make pipol know di trut! Since una nor gri enter, una nor wont make oda pipol enter too.”
53 Wen Jesus komot from der, di pipol wey know di law well-well and di Farisee pipol kon dey vex, so from dat time, dem kon bigin ask Jesus yeye kweshon about many tins 54 and dem kon dey plan, so dat dem go fit find word for en mout, wey dem go take hold am.