Wise Savants Parabol
Jesus tell en disciples, “E get one rish man wey hear sey en manaja dey waste en money. So e koll di manaja kon tell am, ‘I nor like wetin I dey hear about yu. Make yu go rite how yu take dey spend all my money, bikos yu nor go bi my manaja again.’
“Den di manaja tell ensef, ‘Wetin I go do naw? My oga won sak mi and I nor strong rish to dig and na shame for mi to go beg. I know wetin I go do, so dat wen my oga sak mi, I go get friends wey go welkom mi for dia house.’
“So e gada all di pipol wey dey hold en oga money. E kon ask di first one, ‘How mush yu dey whole my oga?’
“Di man ansa, ‘One hundred gallon olive oil.’ Di manaja kon sey, ‘Take dis paper, sidan kwik-kwik make yu rite fifty.’
“Den e ask anoda one, ‘How mush yu dey whole?’
“Di sekond man sey, ‘1,000 basket for wheat.’
“Di manaja tell am, ‘Take dis paper, make yu rite eight hundred.’
“Di oga praiz di wayo manaja, bikos of di wayo sense wey e use. Bikos dis world pipol sabi use dia wayo sense for business pass pipol wey dey for lite. So I tell una true word, make una use una money well, so dat una go make friends for unasef and wen di money finish, God go welkom una for en kingdom wey go dey forever.
10 “Anybody wey fit handle small tins, go fit handle big tins too and anybody wey do wayo for small tins, go still do wayo for big ones too. 11 If pipol nor trust yu with money for dis world, God nor go fit give yu en rishis for heaven. 12 And if pipol nor fit trust yu with dia propaty, na who go give yu yor own?
13 “No savant go fit serve two oga, bikos e must hate one kon love di oda one, or e go serve one with all en body dan di oda one. So, yu nor go fit serve God and money for di same time.”
Warnin About Di Farisee Pipol
14 Wen di Farisee pipol (wey like money) hear dis one, dem kon dey take Jesus make yeye. 15 But Jesus tell dem, “Na una dey make unasef good for pipol eye, but God know una heart. Bikos wetin human being value well-well, naim God nor like.
16 “Moses Law and di tins wey di profets rite, naim pipol dey follow, before John di Baptist kom. But since e kom, dem don dey prish di Good News about God Kingdom and evribody won force ensef enter. 17 E betta make heaven and eart vanish, dan make even di small-small laws dey yuzles.
18 “Any man wey drive en wife, den marry anoda woman, don kommit adultery and di man wey marry woman wey leave en husband, don kommit adultery too.”
Lazarus And Di Man Wey Get Money
19 “E get one rish man wey dey wear dear-dear klot and e dey enjoy life evriday. 20 But for en gate, one poor man wey en name bi Lazarus and sore full en body, liedan for der, 21 e dey wait to chop wetin fall from di rish man tabol. Dogs sef dey kom lick di sore for en body.
22 “Di poor man kon die and angels karry am go where Abraham dey. Di rish man still die too and dem beri am. 23 As di rish man dey for hell-fire dey sofa, e kon look up si Abraham for far with Lazarus for en korna. 24 Naim e shaut, ‘Papa Abraham, make yu sorry for mi, abeg send Lazarus make e put en finger for wota kon tosh my mout, bikos I dey sofa inside dis fire.’
25 “But Abraham ansa, ‘My pikin, remember sey wen yu dey alive, yu dey enjoy good tins, but Lazarus nor enjoy at-all. But naw, e dey enjoy for here and yu dey sofa for der. 26 Nor bi only dat one sef, but dem block di centre, so dat pipol wey won cross from here go meet una, nor go fit and nobody go fit from una side cross kom meet us.’
27 “So di rish man kon sey, ‘Abeg yu papa, make yu send Lazarus go my papa house for di world, 28 (bikos I get five brodas), so dat e go warn dem, make dem nor for kom sofa for dis place.’
29 “But Abraham ansa, ‘Moses and di profets dey with yor brodas for di world, so make dem listin to dia word.’
30 “Di rish man kon sey, ‘No, sir! But if pesin wey don die go meet dem, dem go turn from sin kom meet God.’
31 “Abraham ansa am, ‘If dem nor gri listin to Moses and di profets, dem nor go still listin, even if pesin wey don die go back go meet dem.’ ”