Faith And Work
Jesus tell en disciples, “Tins wey go make pipol kommit sin must happen, but e go bad well-well for di pesin wey go make dem happen! E betta make dem tie big stone for di pesin neck, trow am for river, dan sey e make any of dis small-small wons kommit sin. Make yu shine yor eye!
“If yor broda sin, make yu tell am. If e turn from sin kom meet God, den, make yu forgi-am. Even if e sin against yu seven times for one day and e kon tell yu seven times sey, ‘I don shange’, yu must forgi-am.”
Di disciples kon tell Jesus, “Wi beg! Make yu make awa faith strong.”
Jesus ansa, “Even if una faith small like mustard seed, una go fit tell dis big tree sey, ‘Make yu komot from here go enter river’ and e go obey una.
“Wish of una go tell en savant wen e kom from farm afta e don feed di sheep and melu finish sey, ‘Kom sidan, make yu follow mi chop’? No! Instead una go tell am, ‘Prepare my evening food and serve mi, make I chop and drink. Wen I don finish, yu fit go chop yor own.’ Di oga nor go tank di savant sey e do wetin e send am, abi e go do so? 10 Na so too e go bi with una. Wen una don do all wetin dem send una, make una sey, ‘Na savant wi bi, wi nor rish make dem praiz us, bikos wi just do wetin wi suppose to do.’ ”
One Leper Tank Jesus
11 As Jesus dey go Jerusalem, e kon pass di place wey divide Samaria and Galilee. 12 As e dey enter one village, ten men wey get leprosy meet am for road. Dem stand for far, 13 kon dey shaut, “Oga God Jesus! Wi beg, make yu sorry for us.”
14 Wen Jesus si dem e kon sey, “Make una go show unasef to di priests.” And as dem dey go for road, dia body kon well.
15 Wen one of dem si sey e don well, e kon turn back dey shaut dey praiz God. 16 E fall face groun for Jesus front kon dey tank am. (Di man na from Samaria.)
17 Den Jesus ask, “Nor bi ten pipol I heal? Where di oda Nine? 18 Na only dis man wey bi strenja fit kom back kon praiz God?” 19 Den Jesus tell di man, “Get up make yu dey go. Yor faith don make yu well.”
God Kingdom Dey Kom
20 One day, di Farisee pipol kon ask Jesus wen God Kingdom go kom. Jesus ansa, “God Kingdom nor go kom with sign wen pipol go si 21 and nobody go fit sey, ‘Si am for here!’ Or ‘Si am for der!’ Bikos true-true, God Kingdom don already dey with una.”
Man Pikin Dey Kom
22 Den Jesus tell en disciples, “Di time dey kom wen una go won si Man Pikin, but una nor go si am. 23 Dat time, pipol go tell una, ‘Si am for der!’ or ‘Si am for here!’ Make una nor follow dem. 24 Bikos as tonda lite dey flash from one side go anoda for sky, na so Man Pikin go kom for en time. 25 But e must first sofa many tins and di pipol for dis generashon go rijet am.
26 “As e bi for Noah time, na so e go still bi for Man Pikin time. 27 Dat time, pipol dey chop and drink, even for di day wen Noah enter di ark, men and wimen still dey marry, until wota kon distroy all of dem.
28 “Na so e still bi for Lot time, pipol dey chop and drink, dey buy and sell, dey plant and build house; 29 but di day wen Lot komot from Sodom, fire and sulfur fall like rain from heaven kon kill all of dem.
30 “Na so e go bi for di day wen Man Pikin go show ensef. 31 Dat day, anybody wey dey on-top rut for en house, make e nor go inside house go karry anytin and anybody wey dey farm, make e nor go back to en house. 32 Make una remember wetin happen to Lot wife! 33 Anybody wey won keep en life, go luz am and anybody wey luz en life, go save am. 34 I tell una true word, dat nite, two pipol go dey one bed, God go take one kon leave di oda one. 35 Two wimen go dey grind pepper togeda; God go take one kon leave di oda one. 36 Two pipol go dey farm dey work; God go take one kon leave di oda one.”
37 Den di disciples ask Jesus, “Oga God, for where dis tins go for happen?”
Jesus ansa, “Yu si, na where dead body dey, na der vultures dey gada put.”