Judgement Day
“Si! I dey send my messenja kom and e go prepare di way for mi. Den Oga God wey una dey find, go kom en temple at wons. But who go fit bear di day wen E go kom? Who go fit survive wen E go appear? Bikos E go bi like strong soap wey dey spoil klot and like fire wey dey melt iron. E go kom judge like pesin wey dey wosh and klean silva and gold. Just as pesin wey dey wosh gold and silva so dat dem go klean, na so too, God messenja go wosh di priests, so dat dem go bring betta sakrifice kom give God. Den God go happy with di kind sakrifice wey Judah and Jerusalem pipol go bring kom gi-am, just as E dey happy with dem before.”
Oga God sey, “I go judge pipol wey dey do majik; doz wey dey sleep with who dem nor marry; pipol wey dey tok wetin dia eye nor si; oga dem wey nor dey pay dia workers; doz wey dey opress wimen wey dia husband don die, shidren wey nor get papa and mama again and strenjas. Dem dey do like dis, bikos dem nor dey fear mi.
Nor Shit God
“Na mi bi God and I nor dey shange. Una wey bi Jakob shidren, na mi make una neva die finish. Na from una grand-grand papa time, una don turn komot from my law and nor gri obey mi. Make una turn back kom meet mi and I go turn kom meet una. But una dey ask, ‘How wi won take turn kom meet Yu wen wi neva leave Yu before?’ E dey good for pesin to shit God? No! But una dey shit mi and una dey ask, ‘How wi take dey shit Yu?’ Na for di matter wey koncern una ofrin and one out of evry ten tins wey una get. Curse dey una head, bikos na di whole nashon dey shit mi.
10 “Make una bring one out of evry ten tins wey una get kom my temple, so dat food go dey der. Den make una try mi, weda I nor go open heaven kon pour many-many blessings for una head. 11 I nor go let ant distroy wetin una plant and grapes go full una gardin. 12 Den di pipol for di nashons go koll una, ‘Happiness’, bikos una land go bi betta place for pipol to stay.”
13 God sey, “Una don tok bad-bad tins against mi. But una dey ask, ‘Wetin wi tok?’ 14 Una sey, ‘E nor get wetin pesin go gain if e serve God. Wetin bi di nid to do wetin E tok or try to show Oga God sey wi dey sorry for wetin wi do?’ 15 Naw, wi dey sey, na pipol wey dey karry body up, happy pass. Wiked pipol nor dey only prosper, but dem dey test as God patient bi with di wiked tins wey dem dey do; yet nor-tin dey happen to dem.”
16 Den di pipol wey dey fear God kon tok to each oda and God listin and hear wetin dem tok. For God present, all doz wey dey fear and respet en name, dem kon rite dia name put for one book so dat God go remember dem.
17 Oga God sey, “Dem go bi my pipol. For di day wey I go kom judge di world, na dem go bi my own. I go sorry for dem, just as papa dey sorry for en pikin wey serve am. 18 Den my pipol go si di difren between good and bad and between doz wey dey serve mi and doz wey nor dey serve mi.”