Judgement Day
Oga God sey, “True-true, Judgement day dey kom; e go kom like strong fire. All doz sturbon and wiked pipol go fall and dat day dem go burn die. Both dia rut and branches go burn finish. But for una wey dey fear my name, my sun wey dey give life go shine and heal una. Una go dey free kon dey happy like melu pikin wey dem open en kage make e for go play. Den for di day wen I go do all dis tins, una go mash wiked pipol for groun and dem go bi like ashes under una leg.”
Dis na wetin Oga God tok.
“Make una remember to obey my savant, Moses Law and all di kommandments wey I gi-am for Mount Sinai sey make e tell Israel pipol. Make una si, I go send Profet Elijah kom meet una, before God Judgement Day go kom. Wetin e go prish, go make papa setol with dia shidren and shidren go setol with dia papa. If not, I go kom skata and distroy di land.”