Di Farmer Parabol
Again, Jesus kon bigin tish pipol for di wotaside. Since pipol wey gada round am many, e enter boat dey tish di pipol as dem sidan for groun near di wota. E kon tish dem many tins for parabol sey: “Make una Listin! One farmer go plant seed for en farm. As e dey plant, some seed fall for road and birds kom chop dem. Odas fall for where stones and san dey. Dem kwik grow kom out, bikos good soil nor dey der. Wen sun kom out, e burn di plant, bikos dem nor get deep rut, dem kon die. Odas fall for where shuku-shuku dey and wen dem grow kom out, di shuku-shuku, shuk dem die. But odas fall for betta groun. Dem grow well kon bear oda seeds, some bear rish thirty, some sixty and some hundred.”
Jesus kon sey, “Anybody wey get ear, make e hear wetin I dey tok!”
Why Jesus Dey Tish With Parabol
10 Wen Jesus dey alone, pipol wey dey with am and en twelf disciples kon ask am about di parabol. 11 E kon tell dem, “God don show una di kingdom sekret. But doz wey dey outside God Kingdom, na parabol e bi for dem, 12 so dat,
“dem go dey look, but dem nor go si,
dem go dey hear, but dem nor go undastand
and dem nor go fit turn from dia sin
kom meet God make E forgive dem.”
13 Jesus kon ask dem, “Una nor undastand dis parabol? Den how una go take undastand any oda parabol? 14 Na God word di farmer dey plant. 15 Some pipol bi like di seed wey fall for road: anytime dem hear God word, Satan go kom tif am from dem kwik-kwik. 16 Some bi like di seeds wey fall for where stones and san dey: as dem hear God word, dem go receive am with happiness, 17 and bikos dem nor get rut and patient, wen trobol or wahala kom bikos of di word, dem go forget God word. 18 Odas bi like di seeds wey fall for where shuku-shuku full: dem hear di word, 19 but trobol for life, big eye for money and di way dem dey run follow oda tins, go kon block di word and e nor go bear anytin for dia life. 20 But di ones wey fall for betta groun, na doz wey hear di word kon receive am and bear many fruits, some bear rish thirty, some sixty and some hundred.”
Di Lamp Parabol
21 Jesus still ask dem, “Pipol dey hide lamp for under basket? Nor bi on-top di place where dem dey keep lamp, dem suppose put am? 22 E nor get wetin pipol hide wey God nor go show and e nor get wetin dey for sekret naw, wey nor go kom out for open. 23 If anybody get ear, make e hear wetin I dey tok!”
24 Jesus kon tell dem, “Make una dey kareful for wetin una dey hear, bikos na wetin yu use take measure give oda pipol, na-im God go take measure for yu too and E go add join am. 25 Bikos anybody wey get, God go gi-am more, but anybody wey nor get, even di small one wey e get, God go take am from am.”
Seed Wey Dey Grow
26 Jesus kon sey, “God Kingdom bi like pesin wey skata seed for groun. 27 Di pesin dey sleep and wake-up day and nite; di seed grow kom out, even doh di man nor know how e take happen. 28 As plant dey grow from groun, di body go first kom out, den di head go bear fruit and seed go kom out from inside. 29 Wen e ripe, di farmer go kut am, bikos di time to plok wetin e plant, don rish.”
Di Mustard Seed Parabol
30 Jesus kon ask dem, “Wetin wi go take kompare God Kingdom? Wish parabol wi go fit use take show as e bi? 31 E bi like mustard seed wey bi di seed wey small pass for di world, wey pesin plant for groun. 32 Afta dem don plant am, e go grow kon big pass all di oda plants and en branches go big and birds go land kon build dia nest for der.”
Jesus Tish With Parabol
33 Na with many parabol like dis one, Jesus take prish God word to dem, so dat dem go fit undastand. 34 E nor get wetin e tell dem wey e nor use parabol. But wen only en and di disciples dey, e dey esplain evritin give dem.
Jesus Stop Heavy Wave
35 Wen evening rish dat day, Jesus kon tell en disciples, “Make wi cross go di oda side for di river.” 36 So afta dem leave di pipol, dem enter di boat wey Jesus sidan and oda boat still dey der with dem. 37 Den, strong breeze kon dey blow and wota dey enter di boat, so di boat kon dey won sink. 38 But Jesus put en head for pillow dey sleep inside di boat. Den, dem koll am dey sey, “Tisha, yu nor even kare sey wi won die?”
39 So Jesus get up kon kommand di breeze, den e tell di river, “Make yu kwayet!” Di breeze stop and evriwhere kon kwayet at wons.
40 Den Jesus tell dem, “Why una dey fear? Una still nor get faith?”
41 Fear katch dem well-well and dem kon dey ask each oda, “Who dis man bi sef? Even breeze and river dey obey am!”